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physician care on the go doctor on demand

Get Physician Care On The Go With Doctor On Demand


*This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Doctor on Demand. All opinions are my own.


If I had a dollar for every time I have had to make a trip to the doctor’s office to simply ask questions about illness symptoms my kids were experiencing, I would be a millionaire! All of the times when I believed their issue was something simple but took them to the doctor just to be sure, or times when I would call to get answers by phone just to be told to come into the office anyway – I would always wish that there was a more convenient choice to get the physician’s care that I needed for my family.

Fast-forward to 2015, and now this convenience is possible without having to leave home or the office. Doctor On Demand is a service that offers an innovative way to access high quality healthcare instantly through a virtual home visit via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It is the latest effort in making quality healthcare more accessible by using technology.


physician care on the go doctor on demand



physician care on the go doctor on demand


Doctor On Demand video visits allow physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants to look, listen, examine, and engage with users to diagnose issues and even provide an effective plan of treatment. The service goes beyond the office calls and physician’s texts that can feel impersonal, and instead adds a more personal touch to doctor-patient communication.


physician care on the go doctor on demandI have used Doctor On Demand several times since I found out about it. The care and consultation that the physicians provide has been a godsend to me during these winter months where the rounds of colds and flu are at their worst. The physicians expertly answer my questions, and give me any necessary steps I need to take at home. I feel better and also have peace of mind having easy and instant accessibility to ‘visit’ a doctor during the upcoming school sports season whenever I need at any time.

What I love best about Doctor On Demand is the medical and pediatric visits cost no more than what a traditional trip to the doctor’s office would. A flat rate of $40 per visit applies covers most visits for common concerns, and there are no other hidden fees. Physicians are trusted and highly trained, and are able to prescribe medications following a diagnosis, too. If an illness arises that calls for medication, I can get physician care on the go, and pick up the prescribed medications on the way to my destination. With my schedule being as busy as it is, using the digital health technology of Doctor On Demand certainly makes my life a lot easier!


physician care on the go doctor on demand

*Doctor On Demand is available for download through Apple and Android. The service is running a limited-time special promotion where they are offering everyone’s first video visit for FREE. To take advantage of the offer, use my special exclusive code SOURCE15.

physician care on the go doctor on demand

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I definitely had a great time using this service!! The doctor was great and I never had to leave the house – loved it!! 🙂


Wow, this sounds really great. I would love to just talk to a doctor over the phone. You can’t beat the $40.00 charge.


That sounds like a great resource for us busy moms. It’s very convenient.


This sounds great and convenient! The price is affordable too. Thanks for sharing 🙂


40 is a great price for this service. I love that I dont have to take my kid to a germ infested doctors.


I LOVE this. I’ve not used it but who wants to leave their home when they are sick? Genius.


Thank you for sharing this with your readers. It’s a valuable resource to have when going out to see a doctor isn’t feasible.


This is a wonderful service! I hate going to the doctor and sitting for long periods of time in those germ infested waiting rooms. I think $40 is a very reasonable price too. I pay $75 at each of my visits!


We use a service like this pretty often. It’s great for when you don’t have time (or just don’t feel like) going to the in person doctor.

Melissa Vera

I am so in love this idea. What a time saver and it will probably eliminate the long wait time at the office.


Wow this is neat. I haven’t heard of this before! I don’t think it’s available here, but I wish!


I didn’t know you could do this! This is such a useful service!


This is such a smart idea! Saves so much time!


I love this! This is great when you are at home with sick and grumpy kids.


This is a great idea. Awesome service.


I had to bring my child to Urgent Care, and I was so nervous about making her even worse by exposing her to the barrage of germs from the other patients. Being able to get care from home would be so much better.


I’ve used this service before. So convenient for parents with kids!


This sounds amazing! I have three young boys. Doctor on Demand seems like a perfect alternative to visiting the urgent care. Great Post.


I think this is really awesome! I love that you don’t have to take sick kiddos out and about!


I’ve been hearing about this, I really need to test it out. It could save a lot of money.


What a handy service. That would be helpful on cold snowy days when you don’t want to get out of the house.


This is such a cool experience! I have had so many times when this would have really came in handy!


I’d like this program. It’d be nice to sit home on the real snowy days and not have to worry about driving to get professional dr. advice.


My husband just used it the other night and got a prescription called in very fast too!


This would be such an easy way to get medical help when the doctors offices aren’t open. I’d even use it when they are, since it’s healthier than sicking in a waiting room full of other sick people!


I’m totally using it! I’m always too busy to get to an urgent care and my doc has a huge waiting list. If I could call someone up on Facetime from my office, I’d be in heaven.


What a great service! This would be such a helpful thing to have access to.


So often all I might have is a question – this is really a great service. Checking it out


Such a brilliant idea. I’d much rather do this than go into the doctors’ office during flu and cold season.


great idea-better than trying to look up symptoms and try to figure it out. perfect for when the dr office is closed or too sick to get there. When I call the pediatrician he likes to actually talk to the child when they are sick so this is great face to face at home.


Isn’t Doctor on Demand a lifesaver? We love it around here!


This sounds incredible. I can’t imagine being able to talk to your doctor without having to leave the house. No one likes taking a sick kid out unless they absolutely have to.

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