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4 Life Hacks to Pest-proof Your Home This Summer

Part of running a clean and safe household is managing pests. Your home is a haven for both you and for many creepy-crawlies that would rather live in your carpets, wood, and walls than outside, and to keep things safe and sanitary for your family, you need to keep them outside where they belong. Here are a few tips on getting the pests under control this summer.


Dig in to Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time for a deep cleaning of your home. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s not too late. Take this opportunity to kick out the critters that have moved in over the winter, thoroughly vacuum and steam clean your floors, and clean out our cupboards with an eye out for signs of ants and rodents. Focus on your kitchen, bathrooms, windows and doors, and your garage as these are often the first points of entry for critters. If you are fighting a known pest problem, consider putting down appropriate traps in hidden corners to help catch stragglers your deep cleaning may have missed.

Pest-proof Your Home

4 Life Hacks to Pest-proof Your Home This SummerKeep Your Home Tidy

After your cleaning frenzy is over, all you need to do is to discourage pest infestations is to keep your home clean. Do not leave food out on your counters. Wipe down kitchen counters and sweep and mop your floors regularly. Rinse your recyclables, and move your garbage and recyclables to outdoor containers often. Clean up your home’s exterior, regularly removing lawn clippings, leaves, and other yard waste to prevent insects from moving in. One way pests can easily enter the home is if your home’s exterior has deteriorated, i.e. through holes in the roof. To avoid having to go up on your roof, considering hiring professionals like this Rockville roofing replacement company. Regularly vacuum your carpets to remove fleas, ticks, and their eggs left there by pets. Try to avoid standing water your yard, as this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Treat any pools, fountains, or ponds with the appropriate chemicals, and clean out bird baths regularly.


Prevent Insect Visitors from Getting a Foothold

If you have pets that go outside, make sure that you are protecting them from fleas and ticks with an oral or topical treatment. This will prevent your pets from bringing unwanted guests inside. Consider spraying the foundation of your home with a pest repellant, available at most home improvement stores. For natural pest control, try diatomaceous earth to fight fleas, cockroaches, aphids, and more. It works by drying out the insects’ exoskeletons, dehydrating them, and is completely natural.

Pest-proof Your Home

Hire a Pest Control Professional

If you have a pest infestation that you cannot get under control using consumer-grade pest control methods, it may be time to bring in the professionals. They can help diagnose problems with pests in your home and develop a strategy for getting rid of them. When hiring a pest control expert, be sure to bring in a few different companies for an evaluation of your home and a cost estimate for the work that will need to be done. Companies like Ky-ko pest control can evaluate your home and provide traditional or green pest control solutions to manage your pest problem.


You can keep pests under control with a combination of preventative measures like cleaning and keeping your home tidy, treating your pets for fleas and ticks, and bringing in the professionals when necessary. Following these guidelines will help keep your home a pest-free haven where your family can safely relax and enjoy time together.

Pest-proof Your Home

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