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3 Steps to Achieve the Perfectly Illuminated Home Office

The perfectly illuminated home office may sound like just a dream. But the idea of having one does not have to remain so. All that it takes is the right tools and the right plan executed to perfection. It May take some configuration and some effort, but you can have the perfectly illuminated home office that you long for.


3 Steps to Achieve the Perfectly Illuminated Home Office


Creating the Right Plan

There is a lot of truth in the statement that creating a perfectly illuminated home office can be tricky. It is certainly a project that should not be rushed. Each lighting type and placement must be thought out carefully in order to create the look that you desire. Take a day (or two) to brainstorm ideas. Sit down in your home office quietly without interruptions. Buy some legal pads, and jot down each and every though about lighting your space that you can think of. Don’t just think about the what, but also the where and the how. Once you have run out of thoughts, take a breather, come back, and look at your notes again. Begin to visualize them to see which ideas will work best in the space and which ones won’t. Use a second legal pad to organize the ones that made the cut.


Choosing the Right Lighting

Lighting options have truly come a long way from the days of the standard light bulb and office lamp. Nowadays, there are lighting looks that range from modern and contemporary, to traditional and nostalgic. Decide which styling theme would be best for you, then schedule a few weekends to browse lighting depots and home stores in your local area. One rule of thumb: don’t be afraid to mix and match – it’s all about your personal taste!



Selecting the Right Settings

While they are more reasonable, the traditional lamp and light bulb leaves very little flexibility to let your true personality shine. There now are a plethora of lighting systems that allow you to change to brightness and color of your lights – options that are perfect for a home office. Such lighting systems give you the freedom to adjust the lighting according to your mood, and even allow the ability to adjust the lights directly from your tablet are smart phone – even when you’re not home. Sure, such systems are pricier, but they are well worth the investment. Since all system are not created equal, do your research to discover the best system, then take time to experiment with different lighting settings.


The DIY project of creating the perfectly illuminated home office takes time to complete, but with the courage to make the right investments in lighting and consistent effort in planning and design, you will find that it’s well worth it.

Perfectly Illuminated Home Office

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