Overdose Awareness: It’s Important Now More Than Ever

America is in the midst of an ongoing opioid epidemic affecting families across the country. Reports show that there are almost 80 opioid-related overdoses a day, amounting to over 28,000 deaths annually – more than traffic accidents, the number two cause of injury-related death in the US.

Now is the perfect time to educate Americans on overdose and how preventable it is, as well as reduce the stigma of a drug-related death.

Dr. William Morrone joined me to openly discuss opioid overdose and addiction recovery. He shared statistics about opioid-related overdose by state, how saving a life is ultimately the first step in addiction recovery, and resources and treatment opportunities available to everyone.

Joining him was David Humes, a father whose son, Greg, passed away from an accidental overdose at 24. As a parent, he works to break the stigma around having a drug user in one’s family and how it is important that someone takes an active role in that person’s addiction recovery.


Take a look below.



Makeba Giles is a Digital Content Producer and Founder of Faith Health and Home, a digital space with information and resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to help families live an inspired lifestyle.

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