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Want to Order Groceries Right From Your Refrigerator? There's an App for That

Want to Order Groceries Right From Your Refrigerator? There’s an App (and Fridge) for That

Ever needed to go grocery shopping but severe weather, sick child, or busy schedule delayed your trip to the store? Or how about moments when you return home from grocery shopping and realized that you forgot a few items that were on your list?

There will soon be an app that will have you covered – without leaving your kitchen.

A new “smart fridge” will allow families to do their food shopping with the centerpiece kitchen appliance – the family refrigerator.

ShopRite and FreshDirect announced that they have partnered with MasterCard to give families another tool for making grocery shopping easy and seamless. The companies will integrate their popular online grocery shopping services with Groceries by MasterCard, an app that comes pre-loaded in the new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and allows families to order groceries directly from the refrigerator using a built-in screen..

Want to Order Groceries Right From Your Refrigerator? There's an App for That

The new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator unveiled at CES


Want to Order Groceries Right From Your Refrigerator? There's an App for That

Order groceries directly from the refrigerator using a built-in touch screen


The state-of-the-art refrigerator, which debuted Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, is due in stores in May. ShopRite and FreshDirect customers will be able to use the appliance’s integrated tablet to order groceries from the comfort of their own kitchen by scheduling in-store pickups or at-home delivery, with a few simple taps on the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. Using the Groceries app’s secure, easy to use interface, families also have the ability to add products to their ShopRite and FreshDirect shopping baskets and pay online. Running low on milk? Place an order right at the refrigerator.



“Since launch, FreshDirect has been on a mission to get consumers great, fresh food with less friction,” said Jodi Kahn, Chief Consumer Officer, FreshDirect. “This new technology speaks directly to that mission, giving consumers a new, seamless way to shop for groceries right from their own kitchen.”

“ShopRite is a supermarket leader in digital commerce, making it easy for our customers to shop for their groceries online with our ShopRite from Home service,” said Joe Sheridan, president and COO of Wakefern Food Corp. “By partnering now with Groceries by MasterCard, we can make life even more convenient for our customers with this latest innovation in on-demand grocery shopping. This new technology incorporated into the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator allows families immediate access to our ShopRite stores the moment they run out of food or need ingredients for a recipe or planned meal.”

While the smart fridge and integrated app will initially only be available on the East coast, I can definitely see more partnerships forthcoming to make this technology available for grocers nationwide. Who wouldn’t want the convenience of ordering groceries right from the fridge?!

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To learn more about the Groceries by MasterCard App and the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator visit their websites.

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Whoa! That is one handy app. I’m definitely adding it to my list of must-have apps.

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