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Optimizing Your Garage Storage


Garages are great spaces that are often overlooked, underutilized, or just plain cramped in most homes. We don’t have to waste these giant spaces, making them ugly and stuffed with boxes we’ll never look through. 


Instead, we can focus on getting the most out of the storage available in these spaces with just a few easy steps.




Get It Empty


The first step to reorganizing your garage is to get everything out of it. This plan allows you to look at it as a clean canvas.  If you’re looking at Banff homes for sale and haven’t moved in yet- you’re a step ahead of the curve! 


Look at where you park your vehicles and how you can work the space around them.  This project shouldn’t take more than a day total unless you’re building on like in the later steps of this tutorial.  Be patient, plan, and you’ll make a garage that you’ll want to show off.




What Do You Need?


Please go through the things cluttering your garage, and decide how much of them you need. Although some things may feel nostalgic to you, if an item has been sitting in a box for over five years, you may never use it again.


Think about whether these items will help move your life further or if it’s time to let them go by donating or selling them. If something has incredibly strong sentimental value to you, you should keep it- but have a plan for how it will be a part of your life in the future.




Consider All Wall Storage

Walls are an often overlooked part of most garages. Some garages keep unfinished walls for years, and others still stay blank even after a coat of paint.  You can create direction and style by laying out your garage walls in a creative way. Everything from bikes to tools to pictures can be mounted and hung up beautifully. 


There’s a lot of fun to be had in figuring out the design and order that everything sits. If you want to do a practice layout without having to put holes in the wall yet, you can lay your things out on your lawn in the same amount of space as the wall.


home garage


Using Spaces Under Work Benches


Most garages have some form of a workbench or table. Use the space under these that isn’t taken up by toolboxes and machinery to store anything you can. Although this is the least creative of the options on this list, many people leave that space empty when it could be put to fair use.




Consider Building In a Loft


Because height is impressive and an excellent open overhead is often thought of as a higher class- many garages are built with more vertical space than you need!  If you still have too much and don’t want to keep it piled in boxes on the floor, consider building in a storage loft! 



These spaces keep your belongings up off the floor in case of flood and allow you to create more storage areas than you could get just working on the ground level.

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