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America Starts Talking opioid pain management

It’s Time ‘America Starts Talking’ More Openly About Opioid Pain Management

Many people who live with pain undergo all types of pain management therapies, including prescription opioid pain medication. While opioids are an important part of treatment for people living with pain; life-threatening side effects can occur, even for those who are taking their opioids as directed.

In fact, opioid emergencies such as accidental overdose have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. More than 80% of the deaths that occur from opioid overdose – on average, 44 per day – are unintentional.

Tragic accidents with opioids can happen to anyone taking them. It’s time to learn more about safeguarding against opioid emergencies.

The AmericaStartsTalking.com website provides patients, family members and friends with tools to help start conversations about the safe use of opioid pain medications. The tools include downloadable discussion guides and interactive educational materials that explain how to recognize and respond in an opioid emergency, such as accidental overdose. The goal is to empower patients and their loved ones to work together with healthcare professionals to have these potentially life-saving conversations pertaining to safe use of opioids before an accident may occur.


America Starts Talking opioid pain management


“Many people think an opioid emergency could never happen to them but the truth is it can happen to anyone where an opioid may be present,” said Dr. Anita Gupta, Vice Chairman and Associate Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology, Division of Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesiology. “Recent survey data show that starting conversations on this topic is not always easy to do and therefore is sometimes avoided – on both sides.6 Now is the time to foster lines of communication, bring this issue out in the open and help people impacted by pain be prepared in the event of an opioid emergency.”

Take a closer look at my conversation with Dr. Gupta, along with Penney Cowan, Founder and CEO of the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA). The two discussed to discuss the side effects associated with prescription opioid use, especially among people who depend on opioids to help reduce their suffering and improve their quality of life.



Visit AmericaStartsTalking.com for more information.

Opioid Pain Management

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