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Omega-3 Supplements

Why I’ve Added Omega-3 Supplements to My Daily Health Regimen


As with most women over 40, there are changes that are occurring in my body as I age that are causing it to not perform like it used to. Some days I feel great; other days I want to curl up in the fetal position in bed all day. I want to improve my physical health and my mental health as well. I am looking for more than just a few days of feeling good here and there.


Working out in the morning then sitting for long intervals to work leads to joint discomfort and my muscles feeling stiff and in pain. Additionally, even when I’m sitting at my desk working and my body is not going one million miles per minute, my mind is.


Beyond my work, I spend many hours mentally juggling my roles as a mom, wife, homeowner and overall household manager. It’s no wonder that excruciating long days make my mind foggy.


I want to improve the health of my mind and body, and I am looking for more than just a few days of feeling good here and there. I want (and need) to feel good every day. That is one of the many reasons why I decided to give Omega-3 supplements a try.


The Proven Benefits of Omega 3

It’s no secret that Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that is important for overall health. Omega-3 has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive properties. Additionally, Omega-3 has been shown to promote a healthy heart and support brain health and mood.


While Omega3s are found in a variety of foods such as avocadoes and certain fish and seeds, a consistent consumption is best for optimal results.


Heaven knows that I’m not a huge fan of avocadoes (not even avocado toast), and with my schedule, it can be difficult to eat fish, seeds, and other Omega3-rich foods every day. Because of this, I chose to try adding Omega-3 supplements to my daily regimen.


What Makes Omax3 Different

In making my decision to take an Omega-3 supplement, I took time and did research. Sure, it would have been easy to grab the first fish oil supplement that I saw on any given store shelf, but I wanted to be certain that I was choosing the one I believed would be best for me – and I know that sometimes that could mean looking elsewhere.


That is exactly what I did, and what led me to Omax3.

Omax3 Omega-3 supplements

I noticed a myriad of advantages of Omax3 that were different than the supplements I found in stores. The very first one was packaging – each capsule is individually packaged and sealed. This makes a huge difference in potency and freshness versus the capsules being in a single bottle.


Another difference that I discovered after reading the label is that Omax3 is 93.9% concentrated Omega-3. It contains 16x the amount of Omega-3 than the leading Krill Oil and is three times stronger than the leading Omega-3 supplement.

Omax3 Omega-3 supplements

Omax3 delivers a potent 1500 mg of pure omega-3 in a proprietary blend of 4-to-1 EPA to DHA, which supports optimal inflammatory response. Plus, it is the only omega-3 to be created by Yale-affiliated scientists.


How Taking Omax3 Has Worked for Me

I sincerely feel that taking Omax3 daily is working well for my distinctive health needs. After nearly a month of use, I must say that I am both pleased and surprised with the results.


Omax3 Omega-3 supplements

I must admit that I was unsure of adding an Omega-3 supplement to my daily regimen at first, but I noticed that the inflammation in my joints subsided after about a week of taking Omax3 daily. I also noticed that I grew more alert and focused, and my mood was significantly better – which is great for me since I am always balancing my tasks of work life and motherhood.


Omax3 fits easily into my daily routine and hectic lifestyle. Taking it daily has not been an issue, and I have had no side effects or other problems whatsoever. Best of all, the benefits of taking Omax3 have been plentiful.


My mind and body no longer feel out of balance. It is amazing the difference I have felt after just one month of use.



Now that I am over 40, I know that now is the time to become more serious about my overall health. Taking Omax3 Omega -3 supplements as part of my heart-healthy lifestyle makes me feel like I am honoring my commitment to take better care of my body and mind, and as result, I fully believe that I can now live life to the max.

Omax 3 Omega-3 Supplements

Try Omax3 Omega-3 supplements for yourself! Take advantage of the 50% off offer happening now ($23.98 per box which is normally $47.95). Learn more by visiting the website via the image below.

Omax3 Omega-3 supplements

Also, be sure to connect with Omax3 via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Omax3 Omega-3 supplements

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