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NYT Bestselling Author Terri Libenson Discusses New Book Remarkably Ruby


Bestselling graphic novelist and cartoonist, Terri Libenson, has brought us another heartwarming, funny story about friendship, crushes, personal growth, family, middle school, and identity. Remarkably Ruby show us how there’s more to everyone than meets the eye.


Ruby (aka Baked Bean Girl) is an outsider at school. She’s big for her age, doesn’t have the nicest reputation, and is a bit socially awkward. And it doesn’t help that she has lost her once closest friend. But life—and middle school—take a turn for the better when she is tasked with creating a poetry club. Suddenly, others start to see that there is more to Ruby than meets the eye! And maybe Ruby realizes this too.


However, appearances mean everything for Mia, who is a perfectionist. She must always have the right outfits, get good grades, and now she has to win her school class president election. The only thing, or person, ruining her perfect image is her embarrassing former friend, Ruby. And when the friction between them leads to a fight, they are forced together once again. As if they don’t get enough of each other as it is. But as they work together, Mia starts to realize Ruby isn’t to blame for her being less than perfect and maybe perfection isn’t something to strive for after all. Can these two former friends come back to each other?



I spoke with Terri Libenson to share more about her latest project.



Makeba Giles is a Digital Content Producer and Founder of Faith Health and Home, a digital space with information and resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to help families live an inspired lifestyle.

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