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Nineties Interior Design Trends

Give Your Home a Fresh Look with Three Nineties Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback

Remember the days of crazy floral patterned couches or shell wallpaper? What about sponge painted walls and Japanese accents? The nineties certainly had its share of bad taste when it came to interior design. There were, however, a few great trends, which are currently making a comeback. Read on for how to incorporate a few of these throwback trend into your modern home design.

Nineties Interior Design Trends

White Kitchens

The interior design of the nineties was known for its love of all things white. White crown molding and white painted doors were a must. While you can take or leave this trend today, the one big hit of the nineties that is making a comeback today is white kitchens. The minimalist, clean look of a kitchen with white cabinets gives your kitchen a fresh, bright feel. Pair this white modern, stainless steel hardware and appliances to give this trend a modern edge.

Nineties Interior Design Trends

Nineties Interior Design TrendsLight Woods

The decor of the nineties definitely knew how to keep things light and bright, as evidenced by this next trend. light woods were all the rage in the nineties. Think unpainted pine furniture and whitewashed tables and dressers. Just like the white kitchen, these trends are coming back into style. Pine furniture, in particular, is extremely sturdy and gives your home an antique feel to it. Try incorporating a few lighter woods into your living spaces to brighten them up next time you redecorate.

Nineties Interior Design Trends

Wicker Furniture

Wicker was an extremely popular form of home decor in the 1990’s. Whether used outdoors on porches and patios or indoors in sun rooms and living spaces, wicker was a consistent style seen during this decade. Just like the trends already mentioned, wicker pieces are making a major comeback! This versatile and durable woven style can be seen used for any number of furniture items, including chairs, sofas, bar stools, and rockers. The good news is that high quality wicker pieces for the home are also extremely affordable. Get ideas for how to incorporate wicker into your home by looking at website such as Wicker Paradise.

Nineties Interior Design Trends

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Great Trend! Love these interior trends. Stylish and trendy. Thanks a lot for sharing.

H. Rae
H. Rae

Great Designs! I love all of them. I found it very helpful. Thanks and keep sharing.

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