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My Health And Wellness Goals For the New Year

One of my New Year health and wellness goals is to not cease with proactive maintenance of my health and wellbeing once the spring season arrives. This year, I plan to extend the support of my immune system so that it will become a regular part of my lifestyle. This includes being more selective in the foods that I eat and beverages that I drink; paying more attention to their immune support values. And since proper amounts of rest and sleep are essential to support health (and I stink at getting the amount of sleep I need), this is an area that I intend to work on even harder this year. The same applies for ramping up my physical activity regimen and reflective journaling. I will also continue to pick up a vitamin C supplement from Walmart to take every day throughout the year, even as the seasons change.*


New Year Health And Wellness Goals


This is where Ester-C comes in. It is an exclusive form of vitamin C that provides my body with around-the-clock immune and antioxidant support that it needs*. Just one serving of 1000 mg of Ester-C® everyday will give you 24-hour immune support 365days a year!* Ester-C contains no artificial color, flavor, sweeteners or preservatives. It is also gluten, lactose, and soy, and sodium free. Plus, it is non-intrusive to my busy lifestyle since it is easy to swallow, non-acidic, and stomach friendly. I simply take it once a day with any meal, and that is it.


New Year Health And Wellness Goals



New Year Health And Wellness Goals


Out of all of my New Year health and wellness goals, the top one for me is to live every moment of the year at my best. By making sure that my immune system is supported with Ester-C which is currently on rollback at Walmart, I can have confidence that I will always be able to put my best foot forward to achieve my goals for this year and beyond.*


New Year Health And Wellness Goals

New Year Health And Wellness Goals 




New Year Health And Wellness Goals 


Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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good for you, good luck! you can do it


With this winter, we sure could use an immunity boost over here! I take a vitamin supplement, but it hasn’t been particularly effective at keeping the cold viruses away in the past few months. Maybe I will look into this one.


We can see huge differences in our overall health when we take Vitamin C. Thanks for the reminder of all the benefits!


Thanks for this great information on Ester c. It is important to boost the immune system, especially during the flu season.

cindy tong

oh nice suplement!!!! stay healthy!


Health is wealth. Setting health and wellness goals does worth it.


It’s been my goal too to take care of health this year. Ester C and all forms of Vitamin C will really help your goal.


yeah, in my city the weather is a mess. there are a lot of people get sick because of that. thanks for reminding me that i should take vitamin c to keep my health.


Will check if this is available in our local area. I hope it is because it sounds like a great supplement!


Sounds like you are really positive for your Health and Wellness goals this year. I really need to get some Vit C tablets, so thank you for the reminder! Sim x


Your post made me think about taking Vitamins once again. Thanks for sharing!


I take Vitamin C everyday to built my immune system and keep myself in tip top condition.


There’s alot of vitamins around in the market and it’s not easy to narrow down on one! But I believe if the drug store pharmacist recommends that product!


Vitamins are supplements. It is still more important to get our nutrients from natural food items we eat.


I’ve only heard of this ester-c now. Sounds interesting and well very naturally made. Won’t worry much about chemicals as it contains not much chemicals but all good for wellness. I just don’t think we have it here. No walmarts here now. 🙂


hmmm…1000mg of Vitamin C in a single dose is actually too much. Vitamin C is water soluble so it will be excreted out of the body after a few hours. It’s better taking it like 2 times a day but with a lesser dose that way you will be wastin less


Good luck on your health and wellness goals. You should also get the right supplements you would need to support your goals.


I like Ester C because they are not acidic, ideal for those with reflux problems. I just wish the price goes down sooner.


After winter the body is exhausted so we really need a boost for our immune system, so I would love to try Ester-C as well, it seems like a quality product!


An attainable health goal for 2015. Boosting one’s Vitamin C level is a general concern for everyone. Ester C is a new product to me.


I should definitely check this out on my next trip to the drugstore! This looks like it’ll work wonders! 🙂

eliz frank
eliz frank

It’s a good idea to take supplements that help boost our immunity. I take my share if vitamins and vitamin C is part of mine too.


I actually haven’t been regularly taking my Vit C for quite a while now… >.< But I try my best to add more fruits, especially citrus, to my diet. Thanks for this post though. I think I'll be looking up Ester-C. Hope it's available in my city. 🙂

Fatemah Sajwani

I am also taking Vit C tabs and that honestly has been a a miracle for me. My skin is glowing!

Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

My immune system could definitely use some extra support. I’ll be adding Ester-C to my shopping list this week so I can ensure my week goes a little more smoothly! #client


never heard of ester c. i still wouldnt mind trying it


Glad these supplements help provide necessary vitamin and nutrient dose for us

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