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New Text-Based Platform Is Helping Connect Those Facing Fertility Struggles With Free Fertility Coaching



The journey to becoming a parent can be exciting and overwhelming. But, for couples who may have difficulty getting pregnant, their journey can be especially challenging on many levels.



1 in 8 couples have trouble getting or staying pregnant[1] and research has shown that some women dealing with infertility report experiencing depression and anxiety levels similar to those with cancer or heart disease[2].


Given the very real psychological impact fertility challenges may pose, it is critical that aspiring parents have access to credible information and emotional support to help them throughout their path to parenthood.


To meet this need and complement the support provided by healthcare providers and loved ones, a new text-based platform is now available called Fertility Outreach. This platform connects aspiring parents with customized information and guidance from a real, live fertility coach.



Fertility Outreach is an expansion of Fertility Out Loud, a platform and social community, provided by Ferring Pharmaceuticals in partnership with Robyn, which aims to provide those struggling with fertility challenges with the resources they need to speak up, navigate access to care and seek help from the right health care provider sooner. This information and real patient stories can be found on the website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel.


Connie Stark, Fertility Outreach Coach and April Christina, patient advocate joined me to share more about their personal experiences from the perspective of a coach and an aspiring parent and how this new text-based platform may offer help to those struggling on their journey to parenthood.


*The-text based platform provides free fertility coaching; data and message rates may apply. Visit Outreach.FertilityOutloud.com to learn more.




About Our Guests


Connie Stark

Connie is a certified nurse in reproductive medicine/infertility, she has had the honor to work in various fertility clinical/administration roles and fertility experiences in academia, private and corporate settings over the last 30 years, while at the side of thousands of aspiring parents’ journeys. Founder of the A.R.T. of Wellness, a fertility coaching service promoting health and wellbeing for aspiring parents for 10 years. Created and launched 1:1 coaching programs, wellness groups, educational webinars, community education programs and published several fertility journal articles. In 2017, she was nominated for the International Nurse Association’s “Nurse Making a Difference” award.

Connie’s journey continues as the Director and Lead Fertility coach for Robyn, providing access to integrative maternal wellness tools, resources and providers while offering a community of support to share, learn, and grow for aspiring parents.


“MAKING A DIFFERENCE for aspiring parents FOR THE BETTER GOOD” is Connie’s “WHY”




April Christina

April Christina is a NYC-based Women’s Wellness Advocate. She recently partnered with Fertility Out Loud as a part of their 2022 Insider Program to continue to raise awareness around one’s fertility journey. Her main objective is for everyone to have access to information that will allow them to make the best decision for themselves and the expansion of their family.


After an exploratory laparoscopy in December of 2010, April was officially diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis followed by another excision surgery in 2011. These surgeries prompted April to spread her knowledge and life experiences with endometriosis to the world. In 2019, April launched The Endo Brunch, curated for others with endometriosis and reproductive health conditions to meet. She is also spreading reproductive health as co-host on The V Dot Podcast. In 2020, April started her fertility journey by having her first IVF cycle. Although her first cycle was unsuccessful, April is optimistic of being able to expand her family. She has been featured in Essence, Healthline, The Skimm, Planned Parenthood, named one of the top Endometriosis advocates by Everyday Health, and in The Endo What? Documentary.


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