The New School Year

You Really Should Talk To Your Kids About These 4 Issues Before The New School Year

As the new high school semester quickly approaches, parents are finishing up last minute items on their children’s back-to-school checklists. Aside from helping their children stock up on new books and supplies, it’s also important for parents to have conversations with their kids about key topics such as behavioral health issues and peer pressure.

Caron Treatment Centers, one the nation’s leading providers of behavioral health and addiction treatment services, compiled a checklist to help parents talk to their kids before classes begin in the fall.

The New School Year

Talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol 
“It may feel like your kids pay more attention to their peers than to you at this age, but you still exert a strong influence,” says Tammy Granger, Corporate Director of Student Assistance Programs at Caron.


The New School YearTalk to your kids about peer pressure
Kids use drugs to reduce anxiety and uncomfortable feelings and to appear more grown up, among other reasons. Peer pressure can be powerful. Kids whose parents are present in their lives and foster open communication are less likely to take drugs.

The New School Year

Pay attention to signs of behavioral health issues
Students have a lot to cope with in high school including gossip, jealousy, body image issues and competition. Occasionally, problems such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem may arise. Ask your child how he or she is doing. Look for poor grades, a change in friends, trouble sleeping, etc.


Talk to your kids about sex 
Kids may feel pressured to engage in sex just as they feel pressured to try drugs. Over 25% of 15- to 17- year-olds have worried about STDs or pregnancy because of unprotected sex while drinking or using drugs, according to the Partnership at

The New School Year

While the start of new school year means ensuring that your children have all the necessary things for class, it’s also a good time to talk to them about these essential topics so they’re able to make more informed choices. High school is a significant time for growth and it’s crucial that parents continue to establish healthy communication with their children.

New School Year

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