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At-Home Genetic Testing

Find Out More About Your Family Health History This Holiday with At-Home Genetic Testing

Genetics can tell us where our families originally came from, why we look the way we do and if we might be carrying disease markers that could potentially be passed on to our children. At home genetic testing kits have, in recent years, allowed people to understand their genetic ancestry. However, over the past couple of years consumers have not been able to directly access health and traits- until now.

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has recently, for the first time, approved a method allowing anyone to access their DNA and understand what it means for them and their family. The entirely new experience starts with a simple saliva sample and can now help uncover:

  • Information about genetic disease markers that can be passed on to your children
  • Wellness traits such as lactose intolerance and muscle composition
  • Personal traits such as cheek dimples, curly hair and eye color

At-Home Genetic Testing

We have already embraced the new wave of gadgets like smart phones, watches and apps that help measure our health, fitness and exercise levels, eating and sleeping patterns. But ultimately we’re missing one of the most important elements; information about our DNA or genetic makeup. The access to and understanding of our DNA can provide an opportunity to learn more about our genetic information and its implications for ourselves and our families.

At-Home Genetic Testing 

Emily Drabant-Conley, Vice President, Life Sciences of leading personal genetics company 23andMe joined me to discuss this new era of ease and accessibility in understanding DNA. She’ll explained how people can now learn and understand more about what their DNA says about their health, traits and ancestry.

At-Home Genetic Testing 

Take a look at our chat below.



At-Home Genetic Testing For more on personal genetic mapping, visit: www.23andme.com. You can also connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

At-Home Genetic Testing 


Meet Our Guest:


ugliyglguiEmily Drabant Conley, Ph.D. joined 23andMe in 2010. She is responsible for building strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, forging research collaborations, and overseeing project execution across a range of therapeutic areas.

Prior to 23andMe, Dr. Conley spent 10 years conducting research that combined genetics and neuroimaging to understand neuropsychiatric disease. She was a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health and is co-author on more than 15 academic publications.

Dr. Conley currently serves on the Advisory Board of the UCSF Alliance Health Project, which provides services to the LGBT and HIV-affected communities in San Francisco.

She received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford University School of Medicine, where she held fellowships from the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. She graduated summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in Psychology and Business.

At-Home Genetic Testing 

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