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These New Health Apps Are Dramatically Reshaping Healthcare

The passage of the Affordable Care Act, together with advances in technology, have ushered in extensive changes in the healthcare field. Changes that will continue to affect patients and doctors alike, as well as organizational health insurance programs and other providers. Here’s a look at some healthcare apps that that are reshaping healthcare and will make your life easier.

These New Apps Are Dramatically Reshaping Healthcare

Fitness Options

FDA-approved fitness “wearables” offer tools to help you monitor seizures, glucose levels and more. As these devices continue to evolve, they are expected to help detect serious medical situations and problems related to chronic diseases. In the next few years, these healthcare gadgets are expected to become a $40 billion dollar market.
Get your own fitness instructor with Vida Health Coach. Need help managing diabetes? Want to lose weight? Depending on your goals, you can customize the app to record progress on weight loss, limiting carbs and more. Coaches can send resources and helpful information and check in for a weekly phone call or video conference to help keep you on track.

Video Doctor Visits

Busy moms and the uninsured will save time and money with new apps that let you “visit” a doctor remotely. Doctor OnDemand and Video Visits are just a few options that you can use for a non-emergency video consultation. Thousands of state-licensed doctors across the U.S. are part of this network of caregivers who can treat conditions such as upper respiratory infections, cold and flu symptoms, back pain, allergies, urinary tract infections and more. In general, a 20-minute visit costs about $40. A visit with a psychologist runs $50 for a session of about 25 minutes. If developing healthcare services such as these appeals to you, USC has an online executive master of health program online that can help position you for a career overseeing projects such as this.


These New Apps Are Dramatically Reshaping Healthcare


HelloMD is another, similar app that focuses on finding specialists for your specific needs and does not offer immediate-care consultations. Instead, it connects you to certified doctors, such as an oncologist, radiologist or another caregiver that specializes in your area of need. You can book an appointment, usually within a few days, for a video conference and follow-up care. Prices vary, as doctors set their own fees. Want to be at the forefront of future healthcare options? A master’s degree in healthcare administration from the University of Cincinnati can help you get there.

Pregnancy and Pediatrics

Expecting moms can get health advice and reminders from Text4Baby, an automated service provided by a national healthcare coalition. This group uses short message system (SMS), so it’s available for all phone types. Sign up by texting “BABY” to 511411. Users are anonymous and your information is kept private. Based on your due date, this service sends reminders when it’s time to schedule a checkup with your doctor and information to discuss at your appointment. It continues after birth as well, prompting you about check-ups and delivering important information.

reshaping healthcare

Technology continues to transform the healthcare industry, with benefits that apply to health providers and patients alike. Doctors can see patients quickly in a more cost-effective manner, while patients save precious time and even more dear, money.

reshaping healthcare

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