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Research Yields Exciting and New Advancement in Cancer Treatment

An important development in the ongoing search for cancer cures is taking on new meaning .

There’s been much news recently surrounding the dramatic results of the groundbreaking cancer treatment known as immunotherapy. The treatment has even been lauded as “Clinical Cancer Advance of the Year.”

June has even been named as Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month – now recognized for the fourth year in a row – as part of the ongoing effort to bring awareness to how it’s revolutionizing cancer treatment.

Cancer immunotherapy uses the body’s own immune system to target and attack cancer cells throughout the body. We’ve seen these treatments can be highly effective, as evidenced by former president Jimmy Carter’s recent high-profile response.

In addition to helping more patients fight various types of cancer, immunotherapies may hold greater potential to fight cancer more powerfully, offer longer-term protection against the disease, and come with fewer side effects compared to more widely known traditional methods, such as chemotherapy and radiation.

One class of immunotherapies – known as checkpoint inhibitors – is showing great promise. Imagine the immune system as a car, complete with brakes and accelerator, telling it when to move forward and attack, and when to rest. Cancers can apply the brakes and slow the immune system. Checkpoint inhibitors work by releasing the brakes on the immune system, allowing it to target and attack cancer cells at high speed.

While immunotherapies can be highly effective, researchers are finding that only a minority of patients respond when treated with one type of immunotherapy alone. Now scientists are working on improving these therapies by combining them with other types of cancer treatments to make them as effective as possible.

Punit Dhillon, Co-Founder and CEO of OncoSec Medical Incorporated, joined me to discuss the latest checkpoint inhibitor therapies that are transforming the oncology landscape by offering some patients improvement in overall response rates and potentially long-term survival benefits. He also shared emerging technologies and the latest cancer treatment breakthroughs, which include combination approaches as the future of cancer care. OncoSec is a biotechnology company pioneering new technologies that harness the body’s immune system to fight cancer.

Cancer Treatment

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For more information about immunotherapy in cancer treatment, visit: Oncosec.com.

Cancer Treatment

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