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4 of the Best Natural Remedies for Treating Lymphedema

Finding the right natural treatments for chronic conditions can be a very real concern for many. This is especially true for those suffering from lymphedema, a condition that sometimes results from certain types of cancers and cancer treatments.

Lymphedema occurs when the proper flow of the lymphatic system is disrupted, which can then cause painful swelling on the arms, legs, face, and neck. Fortunately, there are a number of all-natural remedies available that can greatly mitigate the effects of lymphedema.


All-Natural Herbs

Herbs are an exceedingly popular remedy for treating all kinds of ailments. When it comes to lymphedema, there are a number of herbs that reduce inflammation while also boosting flow of lymphatic fluids:

  • Lymphedema GingerGingerols, an essential component of ginger, can have a range of healing effects on those suffering from lymphedema. In addition to a reduction in swelling, ginger can also promote a healthy immune system.


  • Butcher’s BroomFrom stronger blood vessels to improved circulation, butcher’s broom provides a range of positive effects. This herb also helps ease swollen lymph glands, thereby greatly reducing discomfort.


  • Sweet CloverThis topical treatment helps optimize the function of one’s lymphatic system. In addition, a compound in sweet clover can strengthen vessels while also increasing lymph fluid flow.



Diet and Exercise

Weight gain is linked to the increased risk of lymphedema, as it can be more difficult for fatty tissue to get the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. In this case, an improved diet focusing on those foods that reduce inflammation can be exceedingly helpful.

Exercise is another method for treating lymphedema symptoms naturally. Gentle exercise regimens can improve flow of lymph fluids, which also increases strength in limbs afflicted by fluid retention. Of course, any significant lifestyle changes should be reviewed by a doctor to ensure safety remains a factor.



Use of specialized massage techniques also prove helpful to curing the symptoms of lymphedema. As lymph fluid becomes trapped under the skin, massage can increase the flow in a natural way while also reducing painful swelling.

When undergoing massage treatment, it’s important to visit a massage therapist well-versed in your disorder. There are also some restrictions on who can receive massage therapy to treat their lymphedema, which requires evaluation by a trained professional.



Some foods and supplements help remove toxins from your body, which is not only good for treating lymphedema but beneficial to your health in general. Toxins can build up in your lymph system over time, and this may contribute to blockage as well as a diminished immune system.

Detoxifying substances, such as herbs and teas, are available at many health food stores and should be taken on a regular basis for the best effect. Another method of detoxification involves getting the requisite amount of water each day. Water helps hydrate your body, and can even be useful towards weight loss when you drink a glass before meals.


Here’s to Your Health

As with all other types of lymphedema treatments, getting a doctor’s opinion on your efforts is highly recommended. That way you can rest assured that your natural lymphedema remedies are having the best effect possible.


Makeba Giles is a Digital Content Producer and Founder of Faith Health and Home, a digital space with information and resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to help families live an inspired lifestyle.

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My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.his symptoms were shuffling of feet,slurred speech, low volume speech, degradation of hand writing, horrible driving skills, right arm held at 47 degree angle. He has trouble with balance especially at night, getting into the shower and exiting it is difficult, getting into bed is also another thing he finds impossible.

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