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National School Choice Week: Expert Advice on How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

School Choice

What is “school choice” and what does it mean for your family? School choice refers to the process of selecting a K-12 education option from among the myriad of choices parents now have. In the last few decades, whole new sectors of schools (charter schools, virtual education, and private school tax credits) have changed the landscape of what families have to choose from.


Tips on choosing a school that fits your child’s needs


Across the country, more and more families are discovering the power of school choice. Luckily, National School Choice Week exists to raise awareness among parents about their educational options.


National School Choice Week is the best time of year to consider your child’s schooling options for next year. That’s because tens of thousands of schools, organizations, and individuals are hosting events to share information about great education options available in their communities.


Andrew Campanella, the president of National School Choice Week, joined me to provide an overview of available school options, where to go to start the school search, and how to navigate the process of deciding between schools.

School Choice

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