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National Napping Day: 4 Ways Taking Naps Improve Wellness

Today (3/11)  is National Napping Day, an unofficial holiday to ‘recognize’ the extra sluggishness oftentimes felt after turning the clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time..

Sleep in general has a wide range of health benefits, from protection against heart disease and obesity to stronger bones and memory. But napping has some specific perks as well.

.National Napping Day

Here are four healthy reasons to make taking a nap part of your daily regime. Even as little as 20 minutes of sleep during the daytime hours can make a world of difference.


Boosts Alertness

Even a quick 20-minute of nap has been shown to make people more alert during the day, according to a study by Harvard Men’s Health Watch. Similar findings were made with an even smaller study that measured alertness after just a 10-minute nap.

 .National Napping Day

Improves Learning And Memory

Fitting an hour, or even 90 minutes of quick sleep into your day may help eliminate your mental fatigue.  According to a 2010 Australian study, even though longer naps can mean more grogginess, they can have a longer benefit to brain power afterwards. Studies have even shown that brain activity remains higher for more time in people who take a nap during the day compared to people who do not.


Boosts Productivity

Experts have long said that an afternoon nap can be the opposite of laziness in the workplace. In fact, it can actually improve work output, maybe even more so than an afternoon cup of coffee, Prevention reported.

 .National Napping Day

Napping Lifts Your Spirits

Sleepiness and the associated crankiness is not a good feeling for anyone. A quick nap is a well-documented mood booster and can help to quickly get you back on an upbeat, positive track.



To learn about some creative ways to make napping a part of your regular schedule, click Here.


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