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My Secret Weapon for Being Confident and Comfortable While On the Go


This post was created in partnership with Depend and Womensforum. All opinions are my own.


Being confident and comfortable while on the go is something I used to struggle with. Since my daily activities and to-do list is increasing, I’m so glad that I now have a “secret weapon” for holding it all together while I accomplish everything I need to get done – and more!


I do so much as a wife, business owner and mom! I drive all three of my kids to and from school each day. Then there’s the music recitals, sports practices and other after-school activities.


At home, I hustle up and down several flights of stairs to do laundry. And I manage all the other housework like preparing meals, running errands around town – the list goes on and on.

There’s lots of traveling with my business, running from one airport, hotel and time zone to the next. There’s event appearances both locally and nationally that I must attend as well.

All these things used to be a breeze for me, but that has changed now that I am older. My body doesn’t function as it used to.


I remember the times when I could be highly active all day long and stay awake all night to get things done. Now my body practically forces me to get adequate sleep and rest. It’s the same with my bladder – leakage was never an issue for me before.


Now as the effects of getting older plus carrying and birthing four babies into the world has taken its toll. The thought is one of the first I have in the mornings as I’m preparing for the day.


I do my best to not let it slow me down. As hectic and demanding as my days and nights are, I don’t have the luxury of staying close to a restroom out of fear of a leaky bladder. I never want to feel self-conscious whenever I am out in public or at home.


Bladder leakage is a problem a lot of people have but feel uncomfortable talking about, and I was no exception. Just like so many other young women who struggle with the issue of bladder leaks, I craved to feel confident and comfortable about my body and appearance as I manage my daily activities. Luckily, I found the solution to my problem with Depend Silhouette briefs.


Unlike traditional briefs for bladder leakage protection, Depend Silhouette briefs feature a thin design for complete comfort and the trusted protection of the Depend brand. The briefs have a underwear-like look, fit and feel. The cloth-like fabric of the brief is smooth under clothes – just like regular underwear.


Also just like regular underwear, the briefs come in beautiful, flattering colors to complement my wardrobe. Because they’re discreet, wearing them makes me feel fabulous, while giving me one less thing to worry about on mommy and wife duty and while on the go.


It’s so good to know that I have a secret weapon on my side with all that I do each day! Whether I’m flying from one place to another, or running errands for my home, or playing with my kids on the playground, Depend gives me the freedom be active, confident, and comfortable sans limitations. Interested in trying them yourself? Click here for a free sample!

Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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