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My Backyard Needs A Makeover! Dreaming Of An Outdoor Oasis

My backyard needs a makeover. No really: it needs serious help! It was a huge blank slate when I first moved into my home many years ago. At the time, my two oldest children were toddlers and my husband and knew that we were planning to have more children, so we designed the backyard with small kids in mind—meaning lots of space to run around and an equal amount of space to play on the multiple playsets we purchased for them to be happy. The four of them and their visiting friends and family had a great time destroyi—I mean—enjoying the backyard through the years.

Now that the kids are growing up and moving out, I believe that it is now Hubby and I’s time to reclaim the yard and make it ours. Our biggest problem? We have a ton of space, but we don’t know exactly what we want to do with it. He and I have had several talks about it, and the only thing we know for sure is that we both want the backyard to be an outdoor oasis for the two of us to enjoy.

backyard-needs-a-makeoverSo far, I am envisioning a very nice, intimate area for gatherings with plush seating with an open fireplace as the focal point. I’ve even started gathering ideas from TV shows and  looking at a few outdoor furniture sets and chimeneas online and at home and garden stores around town. I want the seating area to be comfortable, warm and welcoming; and feel like a true escape from the stresses of the daily grind. I would also love to have a mini bar. I might even do a gazebo canopy too.

I love being around water, so I am also planning to build some type of water feature. Hubby would like a pond or a small pool, but I am thinking more of a large waterfall or water wall because of the tranquil sound of running water. We may be at odds on that one for a while (hopefully I’ll win)! Maybe I can win him over by promising his own grilling area in the backyard—that may do it!

backyard needs a makeover

The current design of my backyard has truly run its course—so much so that I get a bit sad every time I look at it. Now I really want to have beautiful, functional backyard that has space designed for everything from entertaining family and friends to a romantic outdoor dinner for two. With all of the renovation we have happening indoors right now, the backyard will have to be put on hold. But just the thought of relaxing under the stars with a waterfall and chimenea in my own backyard gets me so excited! I hope that it’s certainly not on hold for too long!

My backyard needs a makeover


Does your backyard needs a makeover? If so, what ideas are you dreaming of for your outdoor oasis? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

My backyard needs a makeover

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