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simplify your life week #MusicMonday

Music Monday: Simplify Your Life By Waiting Instead Of Rushing

simplify your life by waiting #SimplifyYourLifeweek #MusicMonday

If you want it……..if you need it…….if you say you’ve gotta have it: then take your time.


Amen and Amen. 🙂


So many times in life when we get a vision or an idea, we get so excited about it that we want to achieve it right away. Our adrenaline shifts into overdrive, racing and rushing ourselves to make it happen. But when such behavior results in falling behind in our progress, or when we encounter obstacles or delays, our momentum rapidly turns into discouragement because things are not transpiring as fast or as flawless as we thought they would.

.Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek


.Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek

When we are experiencing a wave of discouragement due to delayed plans and goals, we are actually neglecting to remember two important truths:

  1. If the idea, vision, or goal was Divinely given, we are guaranteed to achieve it, and
  2. The timeline of the Universe is not the same as the timeline we establish for ourselves

.Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek

When these two components are in play, there is absolutely positively no need to rush in pursuit of a goal. Doing so can have far more serious consequences than just added unnecessary delays to success: the most dangerous one being impacting the mind in such a way that the thought of quitting altogether becomes irrefutable.

.Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek

~ Sometimes a delay is serving as protection. Think about that. ~


Sooooo……what’s the takeaway?

 .Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek

Having to wait a while may hurt a little, but attempting to expedite the journey may ultimately hurt even more. Instead of rushing towards what you want, take assurance in the fact that whatever is meant for you is solely for you. If you have a goal or vision that you absolutely want to achieve, simplify your life by pacing yourself. Use the extended time to prepare mentally and emotionally for everything that is to come once you reach your desired outcome. Believe me when I tell you that your success will turn out much better in the end if you do.

 .Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek


Enjoy this week’s Music Monday selection, “Take Your Time” by Pebbles.



Know a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

 .Simplify Your Life By Waiting #MusicMonday   #SimplifyYourLifeWeek

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