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Motivation Words App Helps People Create Their Own Happy

Are you tired of scrolling through Facebook searching for one of those cleverly-crafted “message photos” to give you the motivation that you need? Thanks to a new app on the market, you can now create your own.


The Motivation Words app was developed by the Creativity Apps Corporation as a solution to those who love message photos—images often seen on social sharing networks that combine photography and motivational quotes—but hate the hassle of sifting through the increasing abundance of them to find the words that they need at the moment. The Motivation Words app provides over 100 inspiring quotes which users can apply to their own photos in their device.


So say you are in a park and walk by a beautiful landscape. You can take a photo of it and add a motivational quote of your choice to the photo right there in the moment. You can then save the newly-created image to your library for future reference. You can even share it on Facebook.


The app is free, and there is also a Pro version that provides an additional 100 motivational quotes that are frequently updated. With a price of only $0.99(USD), you can’t go wrong with that!



This is an awesome app for people who want to be motivated throughout the day, either while on-the-go or in the early morning/late evening. No matter the time of day, Motivation Words help people to create their own happy.


You can find out more about the Motivation Words App by clicking Here.



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Deone Higgs

What an awesome app to share with us, Makeba! Thanks!

I’ve been creating my own or sharing the ones I’ve come across online. However, this app will allow me to extend what I share and also give me the option to share some old images I’ve been wanting to use. Great share, my friend. 🙂

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deone Higgs

Greetings Deone! Yes I found the news of this new app very exciting as well! I believe it is a great way to create your own inspirations for personal use and for sharing (I especially love the sharing feature!) If you decide to try it out, let me know how it works for you! ~So glad to have shared this app information! 🙂

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