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Meet ARNORTH: The Unsung Heroes of Severe Weather Season

Meet ARNORTH: The Unsung Heroes of Severe Weather Season



Devastating flooding, summer hurricanes, extreme heat, wildfires and storms have dominated headlines this summer – and severe weather season is soon to come. Fortunately, soldiers in the U.S. Army’s ARNORTH step up to support communities in need.


Meet ARNORTH: The Unsung Heroes of Severe Weather Season


While predictions from forecasters of what’s to come in the months ahead, one prediction remains consistent: grueling. More wildfires are expected to burn through millions of acres of land as Western states struggle with drought; while tornadoes, hurricanes, and violent storms are forecasted in other parts of the country.




Along with federal emergency agencies, the U.S. Army, with its combat readiness and organizational mobility, responds rapidly to severe weather-related natural and manmade disaster situations at national, state, and local levels.


U.S. Army North (ARNORTH) supports the Department of Defense’s response efforts during wildland fire and hurricane season by deploying on short notice into perilous environments to respond quickly and effectively to protect lives, property, critical infrastructure, and natural and cultural resources.


Meet ARNORTH: The Unsung Heroes of Severe Weather Season


Did You Know?


  • The annual hurricane season in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico runs 1 June through 30 November, but fire is now a year-round threat, and the number and severity of wildland fires has increased.


  • The U.S. military has been an important partner in wildfire suppression since the early 1900s when Army Soldiers served as firefighters in Western U.S.


  • 2021 was the 40th time that federal military ground forces have been mobilized to support wildland firefighting response efforts.


  • Whereas most Army missions involve deploying overseas, ARNORTH is unique in its commitment to serving in the homeland helping protect people, property, and federal lands.


Since 2005, ARNORTH has responded to more than 40 storms including Hurricanes Katrina and Maria and several fire disasters including the 2021 Dixie Fire in California.


Meet ARNORTH: The Unsung Heroes of Severe Weather Season



Second Lieutenant Lane Harwell joined me to discuss the role of the U.S. Army in disaster relief efforts including wildland fires, hurricanes; as well as how Soldiers can serve their country and local communities in times of challenging weather events.



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