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Making the Most of a Small Space: Design Concepts for Apartment Living


When you have limited space to work with, creating a design concept for an apartment that looks well-put-together can be a challenge. Here are some ideas about how to furnish and accent your apartment in a way that helps you make the most of your space.


Organize Your Space


The most important rooms to focus on are those that you and your guests will use most frequently. The key elements that you need to incorporate are form and function. Industrial chic living room furniture will help you achieve a design that’s both modern and functional. It’s a design concept in which where that brings urban but vintage themes together.


The effect of an industrial chic design concept is a classic looking and well-appointed environment that also feels homey and inviting. Wrought iron end tables have a look of durability and smart construction. Functional ottomans that feature storage can also provide additional seating in a pinch.


Slatted benches with space for storage can also double as extra seating when you have company. Multi-tiered shelving units, metal lockers, and wall-mounted shelves that can feature your accent pieces will help you create storage for things that you want and need in the center of your home. Industrial chic kitchen furniture and fixtures include iron-based stools, wall-mounted racks for drying dishes and storing cookware, and metal hanging pendant lights.



Solve the Closet Problem

A lot of apartments with small square footage don’t have very ample closet space. You need storage solutions that can help compensate for a lack of space to store your essentials to prevent all of your belongings from spilling out everywhere in your home and cluttering up a polished design concept.


For storing clothing, you can buy a freestanding fabric-covered closet-space that will give you the height that you need for clothes that are better hung than folded. For foldable items and linens, classically designed chests and hutches are your best option.


You don’t want too much depth so they won’t stick out so far, but you need enough depth to be able to fit a good number of items in each drawer. In addition, storing items in a container that easily slides out from under your bed is a great space-saving trick.



Choose Eye-Catching and Functional Window Treatments


If the windows in your apartment have plain pull-down blinds or your window coverings are looking kind of old or worn, you might want to think about dressing your windows up a little. Your windows are a great place to add a little and expression without overpowering the design concept of a small space with a big statement-piece.


Choose curtains with a bold color or pattern that complements the rest of your space well. The area below your windows is a great location for a small storage piece. You can put a plant or two on the top of it to give your urban refuge a little bit more of a green and vibrant look, and it’s the perfect location to make sure that a plant inside of your apartment will get some sunlight.

Design Concepts for Apartment Living

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