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Make Family Driving a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device

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Remember a few posts ago when I told you that my family and I traveled to over 30 cities last year? Well, that’s not the most surprising part. The most surprising part is that all of our family’s travel was done by car.

That’s right! We live in the Midwest (right in the center of the country to be exact), and we drove coast to coast, all five of us!


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It’s one thing to do a short solo drive, or a brief weekend road trip with only a few people in the car. But when you’re talking about a drive that is over one thousand miles long, with a car packed with two teens, one elementary student, and two parents over the course of several days, that is an entirely different story!

There’s so much more that has to be considered when it comes to family driving and travel. Keeping everyone happy during the drive for hours on end, planning not just one – but plenty of stops for bathroom breaks, rest breaks, and eating. Above all, there’s the ‘making sure that everyone is comfortable and entertained’ task during the trip.

Then, there is the flip side. To save the wear and tear on our family vehicles, my husband and I rented a car for each and every trip we took last year (we attained ‘platinum status’ in the rental company program in no time! LOL). We have a wonderful relationship with our neighborhood car rental agency, and we certainly wanted to keep it that way by returning each car to their lot as close to perfect as possible, inside and out.

To have success on all fronts (during and after each trip) we knew that we needed to: (a) keep odors in each rental car at a minimum, and (b) keep the tablets and cell phones that the teens brought on each trip fully charged and secured. And since we opted to bypass minivans and rent cars instead, we needed to do these in a compact fashion.

I am happy to report that we succeeded – with the help of FreshTech™ .


Make Family Travel a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device FreshTech™


With the FreshTech™ dual USB car charger + air freshener, we were able to keep my daughter’s cell phone and my son’s tablet charged using the 12 volt socket for the backseat, while a second one kept my cell phone and my husband’s GPS going strong in the front of the car for every trip that we took. And the variety of scented oil disks helped to eliminate odors and keep each rental car smelling just as good as the day we drove each car off of the rental lot!


Make Family Travel a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device FreshTech™



What I love most is that each FreshTech™ scent refill disk lasts for 30 days – which was perfect for the road trips that were 2-3 weeks at a time!

Even now as we are halfway through the school year of team sports, I use the FreshTech™ single USB car charger + air freshener in our family cars to fight off those bad smells that may enter the car from hours of the kids’ practices, while keeping their devices charged for the drive home. Plus, my husband especially loves the FreshTech™ Mobile Vent Mount and Magnetic Vent Mount + air freshener because they are perfect for securing his GPS and reducing odors in his work truck while he’s on the job. He simply attaches one of them to the vent at the start of his shift, and it removes easily at the end of the day.


Make Family Travel a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device FreshTech™


Make Family Travel a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device FreshTech™



My family is a little unique in that we love doing everything by car. Whether it’s driving from Missouri the California, or from Missouri to Florida. Whether it’s seeing Christmas light displays across town, or watching summertime fireworks downtown. Even in the day-to-day tasks and activities, we spend much more time in a car than we do anywhere else – and we prefer it that way! That is why FreshTech™ products have become such a staple in our family’s lifestyle. In all of the driving that we do, no matter where or when it is, everyone in the family can stay comfortable, entertained, and happy while on the go!


Make Family Travel a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device FreshTech™



Make Family Travel a Pleasurable Experience with One Simple Device FreshTech™ The entire line of FreshTech™ products can be found at Target stores nationwide. Select items are also available at AutoZone and on Amazon. To learn more, visit the website here. You can also connect with FreshTech™ on Facebook and TwitterYouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FreshTech™

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I LOVE that this does double duty. It makes for less clutter and a nicer smelling car!


What an awesome product. I love that it is dual purpose.


I love that you use a rental car. That makes so much sense! I, too, live in the midwest and have wanted to take a family driving trip to FL. I need to look into this option!


That sounds like an interesting charger. I love that it freshens the car at the same time. Very cool!


My boys can sure get smelly sometimes, so iblove that this doubles as an air freshener.


I definitely like the vent mount & air freshener. My boyfriend would probably use that in his work van too.


i like this device – keeps the car smelling nice, the devices charged….and the kids out of trouble! 🙂


What a cool device. We seldom go on a road trip, but this will come in handy when we go. I love that this doubles as a car freshener.


This is the smartest gadget ever! We did a 6000 mile road trip last summer and ended up with some wet clothes in the back after sea kayaking. After 24 hours of the car being in a hotel garage the stench was horrific. We would have loved to have these!


I need this for my car. I have two teenagers that borrow the car and always leave the car smelling funky. I will have to get some and give it a try.


How cool is this! I need a few of these for sure!Thank you for the share.


FreshTech looks like an ideal way to keep my car smelling fresh and clean. We have an AutoZone in town, so I’ll check there on Friday. I’m glad you and your family had such wonderful trips this past year.


I’ve got three toddlers riding in my car I need this!


Ooh I want one of those oil discs. I think it would be fun to put them in Valentines’ Day gift baskets too.


I love the multifunctional use of this air freshener! A charger and a freshener, so neat!


Kids are smelly. You’d think you’d get a break when they’re out of diapers, but no such luck. It’s a good thing you’re ready with air fresheners when you travel.


Wow, you guys have traveled quite a bit in the car!
It is a good idea to rent a car for your journeys.

K. Elizabeth

We definitely need the mobile vent mount for sure and there’s nothing like traveling in a great smelling car! 30 cities in one year?! You guys definitely got your travel on. I’m hoping we can hit up at least 10 cities this year with the kids.

Debbie L

A good smelling car is key to a successful road trip. Fresh Tech looks like a good system


Thankfully my cubicle days are way over, but this sounds like a neat product for the office too! Keep your cube smelling fresh and clean and clean! 🙂

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