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Make Family Movie Night Special in 3 Easy Steps

How I Make Family Movie Night Special in 3 Easy Steps

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It is no secret that family movie nights are pretty big deals in my household! It is the one time everyone can get together and engage in fun and activities to strengthen our family connection. After a week—or several—of being ships in the night due to our hectic schedules, we use family movie night to take a break from all of our worries and stresses and become totally submerged in a good movie and our family’s love. Unfortunately, they don’t happen as often as we would like them to, but when they do, wonderful memories are created that last a lifetime.

Because of their rarity, I do my very best to make family movie night special. We are currently in the process of transforming an unused space in our home into a full-out theater room. Until then, we enjoy movie night in our main home area, which has been recently renovated to seat everyone comfortably. We even have special furnishings that accommodate snacks and beverages for movie watching.


Make Family Movie Night Special


Creating a special space for movie watching is just one of the ways I make family movie night special. Each time, I set a theme for all of us to follow for the evening. For example, I may call for a “crazy pajama pants” night or “silly hat” night. Sometimes, I’ll even coordinate the theme to the evening’s feature presentation. If we’re watching a superhero film, for example, I’ll ask the family to create their own superhero attire for the night or perform a brief skit prior to the movie starting. We have even made up our own family games to play to add an extra dose of excitement.

With the atmosphere set, snacks and beverages are the final components that help seal the deal on a special family movie night. No matter what snack I make for the evening, I know it will pair well with an ice-cold Coca-Cola. It is the perfect beverage for us to share as we laugh, scream, cover our eyes, or yell “Look out!” as we watch our family feature!


The kiddos having a blast enjoying “crazy pajama pants” family movie night


I’ve always viewed our family movie nights as more than just our chance to spend quality time together as a family. I see them as a way for all of us to convey the message that regardless of how many days we may go without seeing each other or how many miles we may be apart, at the end of the day, we are family. We are one, and no matter what may come or where our schedules may take us, we are never too busy to come together and share and show our love for one another. No matter what, whenever family is needed, we will be right there.



Make Family Movie Night Special


cocacola_bloggerlogoWhen you add refreshing Coca-Cola to any situation, things go from good to great. Because when you add a little delicious Coca-Cola, it all adds up to memories.

Make Family Movie Night Special

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K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

Movie night is definitely not complete with a Coke or some Coca-Cola product! I have to have my favorite beverage and snacks.

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