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Make a Difference in the Life of Others with Glasses.com

The world is a big place. Here in the United States it’s easy to get sucked into the bubble. We have our own music, sports, entertainment, and our own problems. The bubble around the US keeps us focused on ourselves and causes us to forget or even care that the rest of the world exists.


The reality is, in many places around the world, things are worse than we could possibly imagine. With so much pain and struggle going on in the world, it’s hard to find ways to help. Now with the #ShareYourSight program, you can. “Share Your Sight” is a program that partners Glasses.com and OneSight, an independent nonprofit dedicated to ending the vision crisis around the world.


With every pair of eyewear bought on Glasses.com, a pair of eyewear will be donated to a person in need. I don’t know about you, but I feel good knowing that every time I order from their website for myself or my kids for school, I am making a difference by lending a helping hand to someone in need.


Make a Difference in the Life of Others with Glasses.com


For those of you who don’t wear prescription lenses, Glasses.com also offers sunglasses so everyone can contribute to the cause. Once the glasses are bought, they are shipped to OneSight vision clinics all over the world. Volunteer opticians at the clinics will give patients free eye exams, help them select frames, get them fitted, and watch them walk out with a new eyewear- all in the same day.


1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to vision care or prescription eyewear. OneSight has already helped 9 million people in 41 countries and plan to help 20 million more people in the next 5 years. To get yourself a new pair of glasses and help someone in need, shop Glasses.com.


Make a Difference in the Life of Others with Glasses.com


To learn more about the #ShareYourSight initiative, visit the website. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter.


This review was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Glasses.com. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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I’ve used this site a few times and have told many people about it. I love it!

Colleen Lanin

I love this so much. In addition to food and shelter, low income can barely get any of the other necessities they need like glasses and what not. I love that a pair is donated for every pair bought!


I love that when you buy a pair they donate a pair! It can be hard for some people to afford glasses.


This is the most wonderful program- I can’t think of a better reason to get my eyeglasses here!


There is no better gift than giving someone the gift of sight! It is like giving them their independence and the ability to see the world around them in the best possible way-love their campaign to give a pair to someone in need. also your daughter’s frames are gorgeous!


I’m so thrilled to read about Share Your Site! I love anything that has to do with helping others. How amazing that for every glasses bought, one will be donated. I’d feel so good buying glasses from Glasses.com. I’m gonna share this with everyone!


This is such a cool way to get a new pair of glasses and help someone. Now is a good time to pick up new glasses for school.


She looks so cute in her glasses! I love that they donate a pair!


This is a great project! I love buying products that support great cause too! Checking their site for new glasses!


I love it when companies give back like this! As someone with limited income I understand how programs like this buy a pair give a pair really help people out.


Those pink frames look fab on her! I love them! How awesome that even people without prescription glasses can donate too! What a great cause!


I love this glasses! I also love that a pair gets donated. That is awesome.


Definitely a great cause! While my opinion stands that children don’t deserve to have poor eyesight, they do indeed deserve a good pair of glasses, this buy one-give one offer is amazing!


What a great cause. The next time I need glasses I will definitely be using Glasses.Com

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