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Local independent Bookstores are Stepping Up to Support Their Communities During the Pandemic

Local independent Bookstores are Stepping Up to Support Their Communities During the Pandemic – Here’s How


Local independent bookstores are suffering major blows on several fronts. Between bigger corporations stealing much of their business and undercutting their prices, the current pandemic preventing locals from wandering their storefronts, and increasing shipping costs, relatively few can afford to stay open.


But why are they important? There are many reasons beyond just old-timey nostalgia, but here are three major ways they help their communities.



Hosting Local Events 

Independent bookstores are one of the major hosts of book readings, poetry nights, and author meet-and-greets. They especially are good at highlighting local, regional authors, and diverse authors who have smaller — but no less supportive or important — audiences.



Local independent Bookstores are Stepping Up to Support Their Communities During the Pandemic

Connecting Readers to New Books and Authors 

Independent bookstores are typically run by well-connected, well-read book-lovers who give excellent reading recommendations. An employee might be able to connect a young reading with an author like Daniel Handler, or even invite author Daniel Handler to a live reading for local kids.



Fostering a Local Literary Community 

A major skill-set of independent bookstores is their ability to connect readers, writers, and book-lovers of all ages and types to each other. Between live readings, book clubs, newsletters, book release parties, and intentionally curated shelves and displays, independent bookstores bring people together and bring them towards one of their favorite things — books.


If you can, do your best to support your local independent bookstores. You can do this by ordering books from them in your community, or even heading to a site like Bookstore.org, which donates a portion of their profits to local bookstores. With just a little extra work, you can help keep these community centers alive — and in doing so, keep the love of reading alive in so many current and future readers.



Take a page from this article and shop independent. Your community will thank you!


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