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lisa mcclendon

Lisa McClendon Gives Encouragement on Enduring Life’s Hardships

lisa mcclendon

You find yourself having a rough morning. Then that morning turns into a rough day–then week. Before you know it, that one rough week turns into several. You feel like nothing’s getting better, and even though you are trying your best to be optimistic for brighter days, it’s just not happening.


With every turn, there’s more stress, more trials, and more frustration. Sometimes you feel that it has all reached a point where it is too much for one person to handle. Pretty soon, you find yourself saying, “If I get one more {call/text/email/person in my face}, I’m going to lose it!!” It is truly enough to make any person want to just throw in the towel, put their hands in the air and say “I’m done!” To just walk away from everything and allow the chips to fall where they may.


As much as we despise them, seasons like this are a part of life. And when they come, the focus must stay on the fact that all seasons change—they do not last forever. To keep such a focus, sometimes it helps to draw strength and encouragement from the lives of others—to think about them and what they have gone through. Their lives can be used as a reminder that the survival of tough times is possible, and give the inspiration needed to keep going.


Neo-Soul artist Lisa McClendon provides this encouragement with her song, “You Can”. The lyrics are empathetic and supportive, while the music gives a sense of power and victory. Whenever you feel like you are overwhelmed and you just can’t make it through, listening to this song will surely change your mind.


Enjoy Today’s Music Monday’s selection, “You Can” by Lisa McClendon.



Have a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.



This song ends at around the 5:00 mark—the rest is dialogue from there to introduce the next song in the performance.



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