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Life Love and Family Series: Making Marriage Better Through Teamwork

For the rest of this month, I will be doing a special “Life, Love, and Family” series in which every Friday I will have other bloggers sharing inspiration, motivation and empowerment from each of the areas mentioned above. I am very excited, as this is my 1st series!


I am very happy to introduce to you Latesha Cleary of DaRealTalk.com. I honestly cannot say enough about her, as her words of wisdom and friendship have been a true blessing in my life! Please welcome her as she shares her thoughts.



You may find yourself waking up one day, looking over at your spouse, and wondering to yourself, “How can we make it?” Thinking to yourself how problems and challenges have arisen that no one warned you about. Even saying to yourself “I know I love this person lying next to me, but I have to wonder if our love is strong enough to sustain real life.


However I am here to tell you to be encouraged, because at some point in a marriage everyone has contemplated over those same thoughts. Even people who have been together for many years have had those thoughts in their marriage. And the difference between those who made it and those who didn’t is how they seek to work together as a couple to fix their problems.


As we all know it isn’t easy, but we should wake up every day inspiring to do our part in making marriage better. I have seen a lot of couples give up on their marriage too easily because they were not willing to face the challenges that arose together. However, you have to bear in mind that you two did take vows that allowed you to become one in order to fight together as a team; and as a team you can go a long way.



Think back to when you were a child and kids would fight on the playground: usually if two people double-teamed one person they defeated that person. The same logic should be applied to your marriage—if you two double-team a problem then you both can defeat that problem.


If both people are willing to work at it, then you two can battle any challenge. So if you find yourself contemplated over the thought of “How can we make it?” here are some things you can do to work better as a team in making marriage better:


1.) Seek God Together
2.) Remember that you love each other
3.) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
4.) Seek fixing the problem together, without outside naysayers
5.) And finally, as a couple, believe in yourselves, believe in your vows, and you can make it.





Latesha Cleary holds a degree in psychology and is currently pursuing a license in marital and family counseling. She is the creator of DaRealTalk, a site that gives honest discussion and insight on relationships, marriage, and dating. You can find out more about Latesha by visting her website. She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.





Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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