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Life Love and Family Series: Breaking Free from Mindset Conditioning

In this second installment of the Life Love and Family series, I introduce to you Deeone Higgs of ReleasingMeToday.com. Trust me when I tell you that he is truly the real deal. His power-filled articles have inspired me immensely, and I feel very privileged to call him friend! Please welcome him as he shares his thoughts.




There are many people who were born into an environment or a family unit, who have used what they were taught or how they were conditioned to live, to remain where they are in life. Most of them have no idea that they’re making life decisions today, based on experiences and lessons gathered by others for them, on yesterday (in the past).


They may have found themselves angry, bitter or frustrated that life doesn’t seem to be working out as planned; and no matter how much they seem to try to change, they find it difficult to make better decisions concerning their lives to change their circumstances.


In most conditioning cases, when a person doesn’t know what the problem is or how to go about fixing it, they give up trying to correct the behavior altogether; rather than look deeper or elsewhere for the answers.



What is conditioning?


For the most part, conditioning is how a person is taught to perceive the world around them. In an article I discovered on the website Everyday Wonderland, the author has this to say about conditioning, “In simplified terms, some people have a positive outlook on life while others have a negative outlook, and whether our parents believe they live in a world that is threatening and negative, or one that is helpful and positive, will have a deep impact on our psyche.”


We see a lot of this type of behavior throughout our society, in every race, culture, and work class; but the one, I was raised up in and seem to know, as the back of my hand, was the community of poverty, laced with a strict religious background. The combination of the two, in my opinion, continues to keep groups of well meaning people in their conditioned comfort zone. At the very least, it’s what kept me in “my place” for years.


Conditioning is the fear of trying anything, any differently, than we were taught to do it, or saw it being done.


Most people suffering from this way of thinking will rarely realize the self-sabotaging behavior that having a conditioned mentality will cause them in the long run; they probably will never consider it as being the reason they seem to be mimicking the life they grew up around. They were told this is the way it should be, and were trained not to question “the way” it is.


They took the lesson that they were given, perhaps to keep the person delivering the lesson quiet or because it seemed it was the right thing to do; and over time they maybe forgot they had adopted the idea, that’s now a part of their own belief system.


After years of conditioning, that which was once a mere thought or practice for the moment has developed into a way of being for them, and now they’ve become the teacher of the lessons to their own children and environment.


It’s a cycle that many have been trained (unconsciously for the most part) to believe it cannot be broken. You know what they say, “It is what it is.


This is one of the biggest lies that are causing many people to remain in mediocrity. It’s one of the lies that I believed about myself, that had me making life choices in the past that still affect my life to this very day.


I’ve seen with my own eyes what conditioning can do to the life of a person. I’ve experienced personally the expectations people will place on individuals and themselves, believing they aren’t worthy of being more, having more, and becoming than they were taught to be. It sometimes seems to me that if a person was raised up in poverty, they are expected by society to know their place, and do nothing to change it.


This isn’t the case for everyone that’s been exposed to this lifestyle, but for many they will never get beyond the walls of their comfort to see all the resources available to them to break free of this type of mindset conditioning.



Breaking Free Is Possible


In order to break free of mind conditioning, a person must constantly challenge and question what they believe to be true about themselves, other people, and the world, in general.


They have to begin looking outside of what has come normal for them in the past, when searching for the answers of life. They must become adamant of never accepting conditions placed on them, based solely on the fact that they were once a part of an environment. People do change.


No one should ever give himself or herself permission to accept where they presently are in life, to be what gets used to define who they are, who they could become, and what tomorrow could be for them.


We each have the potential to be better than we could have ever imagined for ourselves, but the only way to access, that potential is to acknowledge the areas in our lives that have been conditioned to keep us right where we are.


Whenever we know the behaviors keeping us from improving, we then are better able to change them from doing what they were meant to do in the first place.




.Deeone Higgs is an aspiring Author and Life Mentor. He is the creator of Releasing Me Today, a site that gives self-help through empowering life lessons, and encouragement for the spirit. He has recently released his 1st eBook titled, Release Vol.1 – The Power of Celebrating the Smallest Victories. You can find out more about Deeone by visiting his website. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.





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Deeone Higgs

Thank you for this awesome opportunity, Makeba! I am truly grateful for you, your friendship, and your support. We continue to see that although our voices are somewhat different; we truly have a similar message to share. I’m so pleased to be standing along side of you changing people’s lives for the better. I hope you and your readers, alike, find this message insightful and empowering. It has been a life-changing one for me, and it has also become a passion of mine to share with others. So thank you, again, for allowing me the chance to share my passion… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deeone Higgs

Greetings: Thank you so very much for sharing your time and phenomenal voice here with me Deeone! You are a phenomenal writer and this message that you have shared here is powerful! So many times we are not even aware of our self-limiting beliefs, and are even more so in the dark of their true origination. Talk about an awareness (ah-ha) moment!! Only when those are uncovered that we can begin to get the to root of the problem and do what needs to be done in order to break free from a conditioned mindset. Each and every one of… Read more »

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