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Parents Guide: 7 Things to Do Once Kids Are Back to School

Parents Guide: 7 Things to Do Once Kids Are Back to School

7 Things to Do Once Kids Are Back to School

The back to school season can be tough on parents. With school supply lists, emergency forms and immunizations, the pace of readying for it can be so overwhelming that once school has begun, we just want to sit back and take a breather from it all. After all, you’ve done all there is to do, right?


Well……hold on just a moment—of course there is so much more that is left!


There are still some things that should be done to help make this year a great one for you and your family. And now that the kids are back to school, there is no better time than the present to get started.



Here are 7 Things to Do Once Kids Are Back to School


Stock up the medicine cabinet

As the weather changes, we all know that germs and bacteria will be heavily floating about. There is no worse feeling than getting that dreaded phone call in the middle of the day from the school nurse saying that your little one is ill. Having the basic medicine items (headaches, colds, etc.) on hand at home will ensure that you can begin nursing them back to health right away. You will also be prepared at the first sign of illness, which can lessen their downtime or prevent it altogether.


Purchase extra school supplies

Having a child come to you at the last minute saying they have run out of supplies can be very frustrating. While they are still on sale for back to school season, buy some extras (including flash drives) and keep them stashed away in the house. If your kids forget something at school needed to do their homework or have items needed to complete a project, you’ll already have it at home.


Check Winter Items

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about it, but winter will be here before you know it. It is always a good idea to determine what winter items your kids will need as soon as they are back to school. Pull out coats, boots, and clothing and examine their condition and if they still fit. Check for gloves, hats, scarves, earmuffs, etc. Doing so will not only give you a head start on shopping to get the best selection and prices, but it also ensures your kids will be prepared in the event of sudden weather changes.


Schedule Teacher Check-ins

Put reminders on your calendar for dates throughout the school year to send teachers a quick email asking how your kids are doing in class, and offering your availability if they need to discuss any concerns with you. Remember it is important to keep the lines of communication going with teachers outside of scheduled conferences.

Also, if your kids’ school allows it, schedule an in-person check-in every once in a while as well. Visibility in the school makes a huge difference.


Make Plans for Early Dismissal Days and No School Days

If possible, clear your schedule for some of the early dismissal and no school days throughout the year, and use those days as share special time with your kids. Make plans to do something fun to give them a break from the daily routine, whether it is going on a special outing (museum, arcade, movies) or staying at home and making crafts. They will enjoy and appreciate it greatly.

If those type of days are not feasible to do, schedule family outing days on the weekends as an alternative. The school year can get so busy with practices, games, club meetings and so on. It is great to have days at least once a month that are just for the entire family to spend time together doing something fun.


Schedule Family Forums

What is a family forum? It is a meeting with the entire family once a month (or as needed) where everyone takes turns sharing anything that they would like to talk about regarding school life or life at home. It is also where parents share any important information as well (upcoming events, rules, family situations, etc.). No topic is off limits. It is a great way for kids to feel comfortable in expressing themselves within the family, and it also helps in resolving issues both in and outside of the home.


Schedule Time for Yourself

Bottom line, the school year can really run a parent ragged. In juggling everything and always making sure that everyone else in the family is okay, remember to make some time for yourself so that you will be okay, too.



I know that it is tempting, but once the kids are back to school, do not just sit back and relax. Take the time to do these 7 measures above first. Believe me: if you do, you will have much more time to relax afterwards. 🙂




Have any other special tips for what to do once the kids are back to school? Share with me below..


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