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lennox place in the home #lennoxartproject

Lennox Is Changing The Conversation About HVAC’s Place In The Home



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How often do you think of your HVAC stsyem? Once a year? Maybe twice? If you are a homeowner like I am, you know that even though the HVAC is the most important appliance in a home, it frequently goes unnoticed. It sits on the side of the house and is forgotten about until something bad happens. Simply put, it’s not as much as a priority as it deserves to be.
HVAC systems work hard to keep your home comfortable and peaceful for you and your family. Just like other home systems, they need love, too! The folks at Lennox know this well, and have decided to do something about it by changing the way HVAC’s are perceived in the home environment.

The Lennox Art Project is a new campaign that gives homeowners the ability to visualize the home HVAC system in a whole new way. Using some of the world’s most famous artists, Lennox is opening the creative eye of the homeowner through stunning murals and beautiful imagery that show exactly how HVACs play a key role in giving your home the feeling of being the most perfect and most enjoyable place to be.


lennox Place In The Home #lennoxartproject



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Lennox then used the murals as inspiration to create innovative commercials for television. Of the many talented muralists used for the #LennoxArtProject campaign, one of my favorites is John Pugh. An American artist known for creating large trompe l’oeil wall murals giving the illusion of a three-dimensional scene behind the wall. Pugh has been creating his murals since the late 1970s. His mural, ‘The Vault,’ was the inspiration behind showing a home using a Lennox system as an energy-saving (and thus money-saving) vault.




With products such as the Ultimate Comfort System ™ and the Dave Lennox Signature ® Collection, a Lennox HVAC system is the best you can buy. It’s the most energy efficient, the quietest and the smartest, all while being the most powerful. And there is no better way to illustrate that then through the beauty and color of art.



I have had a Lennox system for my home for years. And while I love the way that it makes my home feel perfect, I admit that I never really gave much thought about just how valuable our HVAC is for us until now. Thanks to the #LennoxArtProject, I now look at my Lennox system’s place in my home in a much different light.



**Save up to $1,700 on qualifying systems, now through June 12. Visit the website here to learn more. You can also connect with Lennox on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 lennox #lennoxartproject

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Leigh Anne

Wow,Lennox sounds like they’ve really hit the mark on and intelligent HVAC system! The art is so amazing!


Great article! I’ve always admired Lennox, ad this campaign reminds me why. You can’t beat their products, but I admire their innovative spirit every bit as much.


Fabulous info! The art is really, really amazing!


I have always wanted a Lennox system, and with their artwork showing how they save money and run quietly, I want one even more!!


Love the behind-the-scene videos and pictures!


Oh wow! Look at the work that goes into these! Sure makes you appreciate it, doesn’t it?


I love this campaign! Lennox is so innovative and this art project really brings their smarts to life.


Great post!! I adore my Lennox and I’m excited to see their creativity behind this campaign with those awesome murals.


I love those behind the scenes videos! This is such a neat concept, and definitely helps me see Lennox in a new way.

Portraits by NC

Great information. I too like the murals that were created for this campaign and I can’t wait to read more about Lennox.


How they made that house look like a vault was amazing! It’s a great brand too, wish we had one!

Lindsay Eidahl

It is so true we don’t think about our HVAC systems very much! Now, I will be thinking about it a lot more!


Loved the post and all the good quality and features Lennox added to their HVAC system!


John Pugh is an awesome muralist. I want to learn more about his work!


Honestly, I am blown away by these murals and the ads that bring them to life. I am such a visual learner so this campaign really speaks to me. Thanks so much for sharing!


Yeah, I hardly ever think about my hvac system. What an innovative way to try to bring awareness.


That’s great that you have a Lennox system in your home! The builder of our home put a cheap system in, and we had to fix it so many times before it just conked out.

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