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Last-Minute Holiday Hosting Ideas: Let the Food Become the Entertainment

Have you run out of ideas when it comes to hosting your home holiday party this year? Maybe you’ve been put in charge of an office holiday party, but you have no clue what you’ll do. Unfortunately, many of the standby activities have been used and reused so many times that your family members or groups of friends or coworkers aren’t interested in attending (think about party games and open house menus).

Too many holiday celebrations and family parties follow the same formats, leaving guests making excuses rather than setting aside time in their schedules. Is it possible to achieve the attendance you want by offering a whole new experience?

If you’re ready to try out a new idea for your holiday hosting duties, consider making the food the focus of your event. The infographic below provides three separate ideas, complete with themes and suggestions for activities that will keep your attendees entertained. Get your guests involved in the creation of some of the goodies. Using the last-minute Holiday hosting ideas sparked from our infographic, your “tasteful” event is sure to be one that your guests love to remember!

last minute holiday hosting ideas

Food As Entertainment | Blue Plate Catering

last minute holiday hosting ideas

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