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Join the Act of Heart Challenge for Heart Health Research Awareness

Join the Act of Heart Challenge for Heart Health Research Awareness

This post was written by me through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of BIOLIFE4D. Although I received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


There has never been a time when heart health research has been more important than it is right now.


Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths, far more than all the cancers combined. There are so many families that are affected by heart disease. Whether it is a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, child, or friend, almost everyone has been affected or knows of someone who has/had heart issues.  Heart disease is a health condition that transforms the lives of families forever.


I know this firsthand. If you have been following me, you know that I lost my mother to heart disease in 1990. I was only fifteen years old at the time. The entire ordeal shook me to my core. Nearly thirty years later, I still struggle with the effects of her absence.


The unfortunate news is that one-third of women and one-fourth of men die from heart disease. There is only an average of five-thousand heart transplants per year annually. This results in over 600,000 people waiting and hoping for a chance at improved heart health.


Patients with heart issues patiently wait for donor hearts or valves to be available to repair life-threatening heart issues – and sometimes it comes when they need it – and sometimes it’s too late. Other options such as animal valves provide short-term solutions to transplanting – but often do not have the same “shelf life” as human hearts and valves.


This is where BioLife4D comes in. BioLife4D is a company that is focused on making a difference for the millions of people around the world who suffer from heart disease with bioprinting technology.


BioLife4D’s goal is to 3D print a viable human heart suitable for transplant – the technology would not only be safe, affordable, and accessible, it would help eliminate waiting for donor organs, eliminate the many challenges that often come with the organ transplant process such as organ rejection. Additionally, it would help increase the life span of more heart disease patients – giving more families time with their loved ones and a greater chance at surviving and thriving with a heart condition.


There was a time when such advanced technology was considered as years away. However, science has advanced rapidly and times have changed. The future is now. Bioprinted organs are becoming a reality. This isn’t science fiction anymore but science fact.


Build A Heart Save A Life – BIOLIFE4D from BIOIFE4D on Vimeo.


BioLife4D needs investors who are passionate about medical research dedicated to giving life and longevity to people who are faced with living with heart disease.  Biolife4D is having an equity crowdfunding campaign in Feb, where the general public can purchase shares in the company and join their mission to save millions of lives.


I was tagged by fellow Blogger Becky Mansfield of YourModernFamily.com to participate in the “Act of Heart” challenge in order to help raise awareness of BioLife4D’s research, and I couldn’t be more honored to join in! The challenge involves taking the time to send an encouraging and heartfelt card to someone in a hospital.


I accepted the challenge, as I noticed that is a perfect time to inspire and uplift someone’s heart for February’s recognized Heart Month! I am a firm believer in the power of random acts of kindness to both the receiver and the giver, and I view this special challenge as a “random Act of Heart.”

Join the Act of Heart Challenge for Heart Health Research Awareness



Join the Act of Heart Challenge for Heart Health Research Awareness


Join the Act of Heart Challenge for Heart Health Research Awareness


Another Act of Heart is to consider investing in the ground-breaking science of 3D bioprinting. An investment would enable BioLife4D to further expand their research. With 1 in every 4 people affected by heart disease, we all know someone in our friend or family circle who could possibly benefit from BioLife4D’s technology.


Participating in the ‘Acts of Heart’ challenge and making an investment in future of medicine are both wonderful acts of kindness that simultaneously elevate awareness and raise necessary funds to support the research that can change how heart transplants are performed and ultimately save lives.


If the science and technology of 3D bioprinting would have been available years ago, there is no doubt in my mind that my mother would still be alive today. She did not get the chance to see me graduate from college, get married, or experience the joys of being a grandparent to my four children. My hope is for an idea world where no one suffers from the lifelong pain of losing a parent to heart disease.


Heart Health Research

I like to encourage you to become more familiar with BioLife4D’s work by connecting visiting their website here, and by connecting with BioLife4D on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Join me in participating in the ‘Act of Heart’ challenge and share with friends and family to help support heart health research.


Additionally, join BIOLIFE4Ds journey by making an investment in their life-saving heart health research here. The simplest ‘Act of Heart’ can immensely benefit someone in need.

Heart Health Research 

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