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Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App Promotes Sharing For Social Good


How would you like to give to a worthy cause by simply doing something that you already do every day?


The good folks at Johnson & Johnson have an awesome social sharing campaign called Donate a Photo to help raise money for social causes. For every photo someone shares through the campaign, the company will donate 1 dollar to a social cause of the person’s choosing.

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App

How cool is that?!!

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App 

All you have to do is download the free Donate a Photo app from the App Store or Google Play for your Android or iPhone, and you can start giving one photo every day to help raise money for those in need. You can do it any way that you like: either snapping a photo while on the go, or using a photo you already have in your phone. You share the photos on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts—which is something that you’re already doing anyway!

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App

There are a ton of causes that you can help with this campaign! Some include Operation Smile, the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, Girl Up, Kids Safe Worldwide, and many others. You can go directly to the Donate a Photo website and see the progress of your chosen cause and how close it is to its goal. The best part of course is that with being able to donate one photo a day you can raise a lot of money to help others without taking one dime from your bank account!

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App

So you’re probably asking, “Where does my photo go—will someone use it? The answer is that your donated photo becomes a part of the Donate a Photo online gallery.  There’s no cause for alarm: although they may be used to promote the app and the campaign; rest assure that they will never be used to sell products or for any commercial purposes. You also have the option to keep your photos private so that they do not appear on the website.



I totally love this app and think it’s a wonderful idea! It’s a great way to raise awareness of social good and get everyone involved in taking action to help others.

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App

You share lots of photos all the time every day. Why not designate at least one of those photos each day to helping someone else? Go ahead and take a closer look at Johnson & Johnson’s Donate a Photo campaign. And if you like what you see download the app and get started! Everyone can join in to make a difference.

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App


~You can download the Donate a photo app for iPhone here or for Android here. You can also learn more about the campaign by:

Johnson And Johnson Donate A Photo App

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