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Jill-Scott-Talks-Motherhood-With-Ebony-Magazine #jillscottebony #jillscott

Jill Scott Talks Motherhood With Ebony Magazine (And Why I Agree With Every Word)

Jill-Scott-Talks-Motherhood-With-Ebony-Magazine #jillscottebony #jillscott

First, I just want to say that I love this cover! 🙂


The Grammy Award winner and actress graces the May issue of Ebony magazine to share personal reflections in her journey of raising her 3 year-old son Jett, as well as gives some valuable advice to other Moms.


On Mothers Having the ‘Superwoman’ Mentality:

“That ‘I-can-do-it-by-myself’ mentality is a lie. I’m sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings, but you cannot do it all by yourself. You need a village: some aunties, grandmoms, friends. I couldn’t do this by myself and would be a fool to think I could.”


On The Stresses Of Motherhood:

“I’m going to keep it real gully with you, the first two months I wanted to give him back. I expected someone to come and save me because after you have the baby, nobody cares about you anymore. Nobody cares if you sleep, nobody cares if you eat. It’s just you and this all-consuming thingy!”

.Jill Scott Talks Motherhood With Ebony Magazine

What Jill Scott shares in this interview is what many mothers feel about parenting, but are oftentimes too afraid to express it openly out of the fear of being looked viewed as a bad mother. The truth of the matter is, every singer mother has experienced those moments of things happening that caused them to question their capabilities as a parent, or moments of feeling like no one cared about the emotional and physical ups and downs they were going through. Every mother has at one point or another cried out within for an ‘escape’ from the the role of  Mommy–even if only for a little while. And of course, every mother has spurts–sometimes even all-out battles–with the ‘Superwoman‘ complex.

.Jill Scott Talks Motherhood With Ebony Magazine

I know that this definitely applies for me. A lot.

.Jill Scott Talks Motherhood With Ebony Magazine

So kudos to Jill for not only showing that she is human (as she has said all along throughout her career), but also for being candid and honest about her experiences being a Mom. Hopefully her personal reflections and words of wisdom will inspire Mothers everywhere to become more vocal about their emotions, as well as give encouragement that what they are going through in their own parenting journeys is not uncommon.

. .Jill Scott Talks Motherhood With Ebony Magazine

The Ebony edition featuring Jill Scott will arrive on newsstands on April 16.



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Loved this post! I hope to become a mother someday, sometimes the insecurities of losing freedom, and a few other things seem to be one of the biggest drawbacks. Knowing that you are not alone in having certain feelings definitely helps and shows that you can handle the weight of it all. Jill speaks their truth and leads by example this article was empowering. Your transparency on the subject also made me feel better about it all as well. Thank you for the post!

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