NBA Legend Jerry West Reveals Serious Health Condition


Jerry West is an NBA legend who seems to hold the keys to a long and successful life; both on and off the court. A gold medalist, 14-time NBA All-Star and, is believed to be the inspiration for the NBA’s long-standing logo, West has had a triumphant career.


Now, an executive board member of the Golden State Warriors, “Mr. Clutch” is opening up the about the serious health condition he has lived with for over two decades – one that he shares with millions of Americans, putting him at a greater risk for stroke.


Atrial Fibrillation – or AFib – is the most common serious heart rhythm abnormality in people over the age of 65. Since his diagnosis over twenty years ago, Jerry has been working closely with his doctor to learn about the latest generation of treatment options to help prevent a stroke due to AFib, and is now speaking out to encourage others with AFib to do the same.


Take a look at my chat with Jerry West above.


jerry west

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