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The One Item You May Be Missing For Your Summer Family Travel




Luggage: check. Electronics: check. Healthy snacks: check.

It is true that there is a lot to remember when preparing for summer family travel. Sometimes it can be challenging enough choosing travel destinations and keeping off of the kids in order. Yet through it all, one item that I absolutely do not want to forget is the summer travel health bag.


Summer Family Travel


What is that, you ask? A summer travel health bag is our family’s creative way to include all of the items we will need during our vacation to keep our adventures as healthy and happy as possible. Everything from products that help with preventative care, to things needed in the event a family member becomes a victim of one of the 10 perils of summer.

Whether we are hitting the highway on a family road trip or flying the friendly skies to explore farther distances, a primary rule of thumb for us is to check our family’s summer travel health bag prior to each trip, and restock supplies when needed. I am usually the one that has the task, and with so many other things on my mind such as sticking to our travel itinerary, the last thing that I want to do is drive from place to place to buy everything we need. By going right to my neighborhood Walgreens, I don’t have to.


Summer Family Travel J&J healthy essentials from Walgreens



Walgreens carries all of the J&J Healthy essentials that my family needs for traveling with minimal interruption of healthy fun and routines this summer. Everything from Neutrogena Sunscreen for those days of exploring new cities and attractions by foot or playing at the beach, to Zyrtec for those days when the allergen count is high outdoors, to Band-Aid bandages and Neosporin to protect those accidental bumps and bruises while taking a jog in a local park.


Summer Family Travel J&J healthy essentials from Walgreens


As a Mom who’s taken five summer family trips so far this year, I can tell you that all of the products of the J&J Healthy Essentials line are ones that I never ever want to leave home without for summer family travel. Our most recent family trip was to Chicago, and our youngest son Manny suffered a severe allergic reaction to the hotel pillows and bedding during our stay. I was so glad to have Children’s Benadryl and Zyrtec in our summer travel health bag in order to treat his allergic reaction immediately. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it! Because of the J&J Healthy Essentials products, our family was able to enjoy Chicago ailment-free.



All-Clear! Manny was ably to have fun in Chicago despite a severe allergic reaction thanks to J&J Healthy Essentials products packed in our summer travel health bag.



Getting our exercise in walking around downtown Chicago


What’s most relieving is if we ever leave home and forget to replenish our summer travel health bag, we can easily stop into any Walgreens location across to country for the items that we need. Plus, with my Walgreens’ Balance Rewards account and the Balance Rewards for healthy choices app for my phone, I can earn points on my purchases and get tips on our family staying healthy while on the go throughout the summer, too.


Summer Family Travel J&J healthy essentials from Walgreens


Take it from me: if you want to make sure your family has the best summer ever, do what I do and keep a summer travel health bag stocked and ready with all of your family’s J&J healthy essentials from Walgreens. If your family doesn’t have a summer travel health bag yet, be sure to make one before you head out on your next trip! That way, you too can ensure that everyone in your family stays healthy and happy all summer long!


Get points for your healthy activities with Walgreens! Johnson & Johnson is a proud supporter of your balance rewards for healthy choices activities. Use these Healthy Essentials products to stay active and healthy during your summer family travel. Start today at Walgreens.com/healthychoices

summer family travel


Does your family have a summer travel health bag? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

summer family travel

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Definitely a first aid kit should always be in the car or the luggage whenever we travel for summer or anytime. We can never know if any emergency situation may come up.


This is really one of those commonly missed must-have or must-bring for any vacation/travel. It is very important that we bring products that will keep us healthy throughout our activities. The sun screen is, I believe, the most important. 🙂

Tiffany Yong

Don’t meant to be rude but the first glance at the Lubriderm made me think it is lubricant! hahaha… but these are great reminder products! We tend to forget them when we are travelling!

Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O.

These are travel must haves. I always make sure we have a travel health bag when we go on vacation. You’ll never know what might happen, especially with kids.


This would have been a great bag to take with us to Disney over Spring Break. I think we’ll be making one for our summer travels. #client

Sunshine Kelly

The items I must have for my summer holiday are sunblock, wet wipes, towel and body lotion.


A health bag / first aid kit is important when traveling. My health bag usually has an insect-repellant lotion, paracetamol, loperamide, antihistamine, sleep aids, wipes, moisturizing lotion, anti-bacterial cream, and band-aids. It’s quite a lot but I’d rather have everything with me than having to buy them when in another place or country.


I can’t stress enough on the importance of having a health bag / first-aid kit when traveling. I always bring one with me and it consists of an insect-repellant lotion, paracetamol, loperamide, antihistamine, sleep aids, band aids, wipes, and hand cream. I would much rather come prepared than panic when the need comes to buy these things when in another place or country.


Summer had just ended in our place. But, each summer, we see to it that a sunblock is always in our travel kit.


I definitely need the strong sunscreen of Neutrogena for my upcoming trip! This came just in time! 😀


I’ve traveled many times without some essential care items and highly regretted it. Making a trip to a drug store in the wee hours of the night in a location you are familiar with isn’t fun!


Traveling with families takes a lot to be considered in terms of luggage and items. Some experienced travellers knows best when they travel. Constant learning of your way of living is vital for this subject matter.


I think that these would definitely ensure your ready for emergency. The sunscreen is also a must for summer.


Whenever I travel I always make sure to have a first aid kit. I have a child with allergies so I’m never without it.

hannah gee

Definitely we always take health essentials too. so important for unexpected hiccups.

Pal Raine

Nice kits you have here, this will surely give you 100% protection while in your summer family travel. First Aid Kit is very important, especially if you are travelling with your family.


The thing we missed buying last summer was a new travel bag. Glad we were able to avail of a FREE travel bag as a reward from one of our bank card.


It’s very important to bring first aid kit during family travels. You never know what you’ll encounter along the way.

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