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Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy These Tips Can Help

Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy? These Tips Can Help

Bladder control issues are a common concern for numerous women, particularly when it comes to intercourse. In fact, some women complain of the frequent need to urinate during intimacy, which can drastically reduce one’s pleasure and ramp up the stress. So what can be done about these bladder control issues? In many cases, women will find that a few simple steps can help prevent inadequate bladder control from putting a damper on their intimate fun.

Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy These Tips Can Help

Make a Pit Stop Before Bed 

Combatting the need to urinate during intimacy may be as simple as making a pit stop before hitting the sheets. Vaginal penetration can sometimes put pressure on your bladder, which contributes to the need to urinate. Using the bathroom before intercourse will clear out your bladder and prevent you from worrying needlessly about control issues.



Give Those Muscles a Work Out 

Another good option for increased bladder control is to give your pelvic floor muscles a workout. Certain exercises, such as Kegels, help strengthen the inner walls of your vagina, which will help decrease incontinence while also greatly intensifying your ability to orgasm. You can also use a medical device, such as the vSculpt, to boost pelvic strength. Not only does the vSculpt improve bladder control, it can also rejuvenate your vagina for a fuller, more satisfying sex life.

Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy These Tips Can Help

Experiment With Different Positions 

Certain positions may also play a role in triggering an uncomfortable response. Because every body is different, what works for one woman during intimacy will not work for another. That’s why you should experiment liberally with your partner to find a position that truly works for you. You can also do a bit of self-experimentation to determine your exact needs going forward.


Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy These Tips Can HelpGet a Doctor’s Opinion

If all else fails, be sure to get a doctor’s opinion about your bladder control issues. That need-to-pee feeling could stem from a urinary tract infection (UTI). While UTIs are not all that serious and can usually be addressed using a course of antibiotics, it is important to get a diagnosis to rule out more serious maladies (such as a chronic bladder infection, otherwise known as interstitial cystitis).

Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy These Tips Can Help

Know (and Love) How Your Body Works 

Unfortunately, too many women are unaware as to just how their bodies work. This can lead to misunderstandings of common biological functions that may serve to make many women feel ashamed or dysfunctional when that is not the case. What you are feeling during intercourse may be completely natural, especially if you find that this sensation occurs when in certain positions. Be open about what you like and don’t like, and communicate these needs to your partner. In the end you will enjoy a lively and shame-free life while getting to know yourself in the process.

Issues With Bladder Control During Intimacy These Tips Can Help

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