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Instagram Inspiration: Commitment And Choices


Last week during Winter Break, I had a long ‘Mommy-Daughter’ talk with my oldest child Rebel. She’s in her second year of college, and will be turning 20 years old this month. In discussing the up-and-down discoveries of “the real world,” I shared this with her.

Commitment And Choices

~Whatever you commit your mind to doing, you can do and it will happen. This applies to good things that can lead to success *and*bad things that can lead to failure. It is up to YOU to decide exactly which one you’re going to place your time, focus, and energy on. People, places, and things will always be present to influence you in either direction, but at the end of the day, the ultimate choice is yours alone.



Make the choice today to keep your focus on what you are committed to doing.

Commitment And Choices

Image repost from—-  @iamsteveharveytv “#believe #faith #hardwork”

Commitment And Choices

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