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INSPIRING WOMEN: Meet Tiffany Dorsey: Owner of Sugaz Kouture


Recently celebrating a milestone birthday, successful wife and business mogul Tiffany Dorsey, Owner of Sugaz Kouture Boutique in St. Louis, MO. talks about living life 50 and fabulous, and how her faith-filled journey led to launching a booming fashion brand that empowers women to look and feel their best.


Tiffany Dorsey (Photography: Michelle L Artist/Aroused By Art St. Louis)


For most women, their clothing is their calling card. The styles, colors, and textures they wear are a form of self-expression. In short, women feel a deep emotional connection to their clothes. They view them as an extension of who they are.


Sometimes, that connection can get lost as women grow older. Changes in health, body shape, size, and overall appearance can take the thrill out of shopping for new apparel. Additionally, major shifts such as becoming a parent or grandparent or changes in career or relationships can have a major impact on emotional health, leading to depression, anxiety, and loss of confidence and self-love.


Tiffany Dorsey, Founder and Owner of Sugaz Kouture – and brick-and-mortar + online fashion boutique, recognizes the importance clothing and accessories plays in women’s lives and its effects on confidence and self-image: especially during the journey of aging. The St. Louis, Missouri native is a master at her craft, curating apparel, jewelry, and accessories to help women look and feel their best.


INSPIRING WOMEN: Meet Tiffany Dorsey: Owner of Sugaz Kouture Boutique in St. Louis, Missouri

Tiffany Dorsey (Photography: Michelle L Artist/Aroused By Art St. Louis)


An inspiring woman and fashion enthusiast with years of women’s styling experience, Tiffany wants to ensure that women feel confident in their clothing as they grow older. Her boutique offerings are for women who want more flexibility to create an incredible wardrobe that reflects their personality and mood without committing long-term to any one style.


Sugaz Kouture offers women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, and more in various prints, fabrics, and colors. All products are available in wide array of sizes and are ready to ship worldwide.


An in-store visit will find that Tiffany is attentive to every customer who enters Sugaz Kouture Boutique’s doors. The style maven and self-proclaimed ‘passionate people person’ takes time to learn and understand the customer’s needs while acknowledging that body types and clothing preferences varies from one person to the next, whether they are thick, curvy, voluptuous, or anything in between.


Similarly, her website sugazkouture.com boasts creative, on-trend fashion ideas and suggestions for women who need assistance in putting outfits together. Either way, every woman is guaranteed a complete look that perfectly complements their individual and unique personality.


INSPIRING WOMEN: Meet Tiffany Dorsey: Owner of Sugaz Kouture Boutique in St. Louis, Missouri

Tiffany celebrating her 50th birthday earlier this year. (Dress: Sugaz Kouture Boutique)


Keeping affordability in mind, the boutique and online clothing hub has a plethora of options under $99, giving shoppers choices at every price point and in every style they are seeking.



I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tiffany Dorsey for a one-on-one chat about advice on healthy aging, self-love and confidence, and her hottest store offerings and Holiday gift ideas for the season. Having recently celebrated her 50th birthday, the wife and business mogul also opened up about living life 50 and fabulous, how her faith-filled journey to success, and how her ‘fashion ministry’ – from clothing and accessories to gifts and attire to wear for special occasions – provides women with the confidence they need to embrace who they are and look and feel their best.


INSPIRING WOMEN: Meet Tiffany Dorsey: Owner of Sugaz Kouture Boutique in St. Louis, Missouri


To learn more about Sugaz Kouture and to shop its online boutique, visit sugazkouture.com. To keep on top of latest fashion arrivals and news, follow Sugaz Kouture on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Photography: Michelle L Artist/Aroused By Art St. Louis
Makeup: Michelle L Artist
Attire: https://www.facebook.com/sugazkouture

Cake: Creative Confections by Nette

Balloon Décor: Balloon Joi

DJ: djfredakasmoooth

Catering: Bruce Chef Taylor/bruceybscatering.com



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Barbara Clsrk
Barbara Clsrk

Wonderful article ! So gratifying to see such a beautiful spirit honored . Also to see a successful beautiful woman is motivating and just proud and happy for her as a female . What an example for others to see!
stunning !

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