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Instagram Inspiration: No Matter What, Stay Positive

I know, I know: much easier said than done, right?


But if you truly desire to keep peace, joy, strength, and balance in your life, choosing to stay positive through negative circumstances and situations is the only way to ensure that happens.


When you stay positive, it is not merely a one-time practice. Quite contrary, staying positive is a way of life.


There will always be times when negativity will come into your life to strip you of your joy, test your strength, and push you to behave impulsively. In those situations, it is important to remember to stay positive and keep your focus on the bigger picture: whatever that ‘bigger picture’ may look like for you.


Set your sights ‘down the line’ instead of what is happening in the present moment. Step back, allow yourself time to think, and devise a plan that will ensure that you remain on the path of positivity until your storm is over. Once you have your plan in place, continue to go forth with the determination to stay positive no matter what else might come your way.



Do you struggle with the practice of staying positive? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

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