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The Importance of Photography in the Life of a Mom

It seems like there’s a camera in almost every gadget sold today. Your phone, tablet and other devices have cameras that capture almost every moment in the day. When you’re a mom, you want to document those milestones in your child’s life. Although the world is overloaded with media today through online posts and other outlets, don’t overlook the importance of photography in your life.


Capturing the Times

Your children’s memories won’t really develop until they’re around three years old. With this fact in mind, take many photos of their infant and toddler years. You want to capture the times that they grew up in, such as photos shot by Gordon Parks. As the decades move forward, those still images will show a simpler time before the child grows into adulthood.


Understanding the Beauty of Age

Although you may be tempted to shoot many landscape photos, incorporate faces and people into your shots. Watch your child grow in pictures as the lens captures them moving from childhood into adolescence. Take photos of older family members, and allow their aged faces to shine with wisdom. Lines, wrinkles and other facial features tell a story through photos, especially when your young children can see the pictures when they’re older.


Being the Subject and Photographer

As a mom, it’s easy to forget that you’re an important part of the photos too. Use tripods, selfie sticks and other components to hold the camera up high. You want to include yourself in these photos because your child will appreciate the pictures as they grow. Parents who don’t include themselves in the pictures can create a lopsided view of the family as time wears on.


Candid Versus Poses

Although posing for photos allows you to capture a person at their smiling best, consider mixing in candid pictures too. If you discover your child painting a canvas with distinct focus one day, take a photo without him or her noticing the process. These candid shots will enhance your photo collection, and happily surprise your loved ones in the future. Some of the most beautiful poses aren’t on purpose.


Learn as much about your camera as possible. Whether it’s embedded in your phone or a separate device, every camera has its features to spruce up your photos. Use those features, and you’ll be able to document each moment in your family’s lives.


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K. Elizabeth

I absolutely love taking pictures of my kids and family. Growing up my mom was a bit of momtog and I’m grateful. To be able to show my children what my childhood was like it priceless. I know that someday the pictures I’m taking will be used to share their childhood memories with their loved ones.

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