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How to Survive Middle School Learning Loss from the Pandemic is Real

How to Survive Middle School: Learning Loss from the Pandemic is Real

The learning loss from the pandemic is no secret. With the pandemic affecting the 2020 and 2021 school years, recent studies of children and education have shown that students are now falling behind in their learning and parents and educators are looking at various ways to catch them up. While teachers did their best with remote learning, it was not ideal, even in middle school.


Many kids need educational supplements and more time OFF screens.  The Washington Post  recently reported that Experts say high-intensity tutoring and summer school programs both have track records of success, but those would cost tens of billions of dollars to reach all students who will need remediation at a time when school districts are already struggling to pay for basic needs.” And The Education Trust shared the results of a study where they found, “about 7 in 10 Latino and African American parents are concerned they do not have the resources or supplies to help their child stay academically on track.”



Fortunately, a new non-fiction series, designed to help students in grades 6-8 master the essential skills and lessons of five-core middle school subjects will help.


HOW TO SURVIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL is written by educators, vetted by curriculum experts, and chock-full of sophisticated illustrations, charts, diagrams, and formulas. Covering English, Math, Science, U.S History and World History, the content in these study guides is presented in a bold and fun format that’s easy to read and understand. From ancient Rome to modern poetry, from the solar system to rational numbers, these study guides will help middle schoolers survive any pandemic learning gaps and ultimately thrive in their new environment.


Elizabeth Fee is the author of one of the books in the Series (World History) and is a school vice-principal in NYC so she has seen firsthand the challenges that confront students. She joined me to share her insights on learning loss from the pandemic and more.



About Our Guest

Elizabeth Fee is currently Assistant Principal at the Ella Baker School, a Pre-K through grade 8 public school in New York City. During thirty years as an educator, she has served as a middle school Humanities teacher, ELA Instructional Coach, Social Studies Core Curriculum writer, and an advisor to principals. She holds a Master of Arts from Teachers College at Columbia University and New York state certifications in building level and district level leadership.


Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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