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How To Sleep Like A Baby With Your Baby

Here’s How To Sleep Like A Baby-With Your Baby


Having four children, I know all-too-well how the joys of motherhood come to a screeching halt at 2 a.m. when your newborn is wide awake, but you have get up early in the morning!

Very rarely is it that a newborn baby takes on a sleep pattern early on. Most times it can take months for some babies to fall into a normal sleep cycle. But what if you could teach your baby when to fall asleep and how to stay asleep longer right now?  After all, when baby sleeps, EVERYBODY sleeps and a rested, happy baby, means a happy household.

Sleep coach Christina Gantcher started her company, Good Night Sleep Coaching, after seeking and securing support for her own sleepless toddler. She talked with us to share some expert advice on how to sleep like a baby-with your baby! She also gave some tips for all parents–from the new mom to the experienced dad–to start seeing more sleep sooner.


Take a look at the interview below



For more tips on getting your baby to sleep, visit: www.gerber.com.

how to sleep like a baby-with your baby


Meet Our Guest:


download (1)Sleep coach Christina Gantcher was trained in the Kim West Gentle Sleep Coach program, the first and most extensive professional sleep coach certification program available, specializing in basic counseling and child development and sleep science. Learn more on her website, Good Night Sleep Coaching.

how to sleep like a baby-with your baby

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