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How to Pick the Best Artificial Tree

How to Pick the Best Artificial Tree


Finding the perfect Christmas tree to brighten up your holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful. You also shouldn’t feel bad for choosing an artificial tree over a real one. It’s possible to select a tree with a convincing design, even if it’s fake.


Whether you’re looking for a specific tree shape or something to show off your ornaments, you can customize your tree that fits your preferences. There are several things to consider when making the right purchase.




Tree Height

You should choose the best room for your Christmas tree. Balsam Hill reviews recommend getting a Berkshire Mountain fir tree if you’re limited in space. It’s tall and narrow at 6.5 feet and perfect for hanging up lights. Just make sure you have room for storage after the holiday season by measuring the dimensions of your tree.




Tree Style

You can buy a tree covered in artificial snow or a shapely tree that doesn’t lack fullness. A Balsam Hill professional reviews two different fir trees and suggests you can’t always rely on box packaging to give you an accurate image preview. Picking a style is about making a statement, which could mean choosing between white and green or simplicity and extravagance.




Tree Safety

Don’t forget to check for a label that says “fire retardant” when selecting your tree. You don’t want to place your Christmas tree close to a fireplace, radiator or other sources of heat. Hinged branches are more convenient than hooked branches since you don’t have to manually set them up. Another thing to look for is a metal stand to help keep your tree sturdy.




You could possibly end up picking a Christmas tree you’ll continue to use for several years. Artificial trees are more friendly to the environment and can reduce the risk of fire compared to real trees.


Whether you pick a pine or blue spruce is up to you. Just remember to pick an option that fits both your budget and lifestyle.

How to Pick the Best Artificial Tree

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