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How to Improve Metabolic Health


*DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the company mentioned below. All views and opinions are my own.



How does one improve metabolic health? To do so, the primary focus must shift to making lifestyle changes that positively impact your overall health – not just your outward appearance.


Social media messaging – and media messaging in general – has programmed society to believe that “thin equals healthy.” The smaller the frame, the healthier a person is. As a result, the ever-mounting pressure to simply lose weight – and have accountability for such weight loss by way of social media posts – feels like it’s at its highest peak in decades. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 


Metabolic health is not instantly apparent by a clothing size or a “slim” appearance. Metabolic health is based on internal factors and is defined as having normal levels of blood sugar, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and blood pressure, as well as waist circumference. We know that these factors contribute to a person’s risk for a number of serious health issues, such as thyroid problems, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 


We know that a number of lifestyle habits and patterns contribute to metabolic health, or the absence of it. Things such as stress, poor sleep habits, and emotional health can all play a rolealong with a sedentary lifestyle or low physical activity. 



Why am I saying all of this?


Having a background in health, I have always been aware of the importance of managing metabolic health. What I never imagined is that I would lose grip of my own metabolic health.


Makeba Giles Faith Health and Home Lifestyle Media


While my blood sugar, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and blood pressure are all at normal levels for my body (according to recent blood work through my healthcare provider), my waist circumference has gotten completely out of control. This could be due to factors like super-high levels of stress, along with a lack of physical activity and quality sleep. Also because of some huge life changes that occurred this year – plus the pandemic – I have not been eating as healthy as I usually do. 


As I’ve shared in earlier posts, I have a long family history of heart disease and stroke. My mother died of heart disease at the age of 53, and my father died of a stroke. Both were “slender,” in size, and both engaged in physical activity at their respective jobs. My family health history has definitely played a part in me wanting to explore options to improve my overall health.




I’ve been researching a lot of information on how to improve metabolic health. I’ve learned that losing 10% of your body weight can be impactful to your overall health.




So far, I have my eye on a program called Calibrate – their approach to sustainable results for improved metabolic health has really sparked my interest. They also only focus on the percent of weight lost, rather than pounds, because percent of weight lost is realistic, sustainable, and impactful in the long-term. Plus, their data shows that members lost on average 15% of their body weight after a year on the program. 



What does Calibrate offer? 

At the core of Calibrate’s Membership program is a doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication that helps to lower your set point––the weight our bodies naturally settle at due to our biology, genetics, and environment. In the body, GLP-1s are powerful, naturally-occurring hormones made by your gut that send signals to the brain to decrease appetite, improve metabolic function, and regulate digestion for maximum nutrient absorption. The GLP-1 medications that Calibrate doctors prescribe work on the same receptors as the body’s natural GLP-1 hormones that play an important role in appetite, blood sugar, and regulating the body’s set point. 


Another integral part of Calibrate is the behavioral changes made to the Four Pillars of Metabolic Health:

  • Food: Minimizing fast-digesting carbs and making healthier overall choices that include protein, fiber, and healthy fats. 
  • Sleep: Developing a consistent sleep schedule to improve sleep quality and prevent the risk of cardiometabolic health factors by getting 7-9 hours of restful sleep every night.  
  • Exercise: Making movement a regular part of the day and incorporating resistance training over time to improve metabolic health. 
  • Emotional Health: Incorporating science-backed methods to reduce stress and recognize emotional triggers that influence metabolic health.


Aside from the medication and lifestyle changes, Calibrate also offers an app-based curriculum, plus 1:1 accountability coaching, so it won’t feel as if I’m on the journey to improve my metabolic health alone.  Accountability coaching is supported by classes, recipes, and curriculum developed by an expert Clinical Advisory Board and Expert Council to assist you in achieving your metabolic health goals. 


To sum it up, Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset will help you learn how to influence your environment––the food you eat, how much you sleep and exercise, and how you respond to emotional triggers––to change how your biology responds to it. This will help you lower your set point, improve your metabolic health, and achieve sustainable weight loss. 


Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset Membership costs $135 a month billed through Affirm or $1,620 billed once. While Calibrate does not currently take insurance for its membership cost, you can use your FSA or HSA funds to cover the cost of the program. And the best part? Calibrate offers a Results Guarantee. If you don’t see a minimum of 10% weight loss with the One-Year Metabolic Reset, eligible members are promised a program refund (less the $249 Assessment cost). Learn if you’re eligible today and use my unique code Makeba100 for $100 off throughout the month of January. 




My goal is to be my best self both inside and out. Right now, I am still doing more reading and research about improving my metabolic health. I’m also going to open the dialogue about ways to improve my metabolic health with my doctor.





In the meantime, you can visit their website to check out their program and you can see if you’re eligible for Calibrate’s One-Year Metabolic Reset MEMBERSHIP here. They are also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. 



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