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How To Eat Healthy On A Cruise Vacation

How To Eat Healthy On A Cruise Vacation


Regular cruise-goers, who spend weeks and weeks on luxury liners, and who love to eat, often find a way to consume an amazing 6,000 calories a day because of the food that is readily available. However, if you want to eat healthy on a cruise vacation, there are a few simple ways to avoid eating too much, read on for inspiration.



Choose Where You Dine Carefully

If you love to enjoy lots of food when given the opportunity to gorge on an all-you-can-eat buffet, then you may want to opt for the dining rooms which serve set meals instead. This lets you regulate the amount of food you eat and it won’t let you be tempted to try other food, as a buffet would.


Don’t Be Persuaded to Buy Every Course

Most of us do not have seven course meals at home, but when it comes to luxury liners this option is always available. Therefore, it is wise to be selective when choosing how many courses you are going to consume on any given night.

If you decide that one night you are going to eat a full five-course meal, then opt for a main course and a dessert on your next trip to the restaurant. ‘Eyes-bigger-than-your-stomach’ syndrome may leave you with stomach ache and indigestion if you eat too much.


How To Eat Healthy On A Cruise VacationAsk for Half Portions

Everyone talks about amazing three-course meals, with a multitude of desserts to choose from on a cruise ship. Which sound very tempting, but not everyone knows that asking for half-portions is always also an option. Remember, it is up to you how much you eat and only you will know your personal limitations when it comes to food.


Pace Yourself at the Buffet

Pizza, swordfish, lasagna, Chinese cuisine… the list goes on and on, on a cruise ship passengers see the buffet and automatically fill their plates and their bellies, which can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable later on.

Therefore, pacing yourself is key to enjoying your food and leaving room for dessert. Try sampling food from the same regions of the world on one plate at one time, before going back for a little bit more if you particular enjoyed one dish. However, try not put too much on your plate; less is more when it comes to cruise food.



Essentially, we want to feel full, but don’t want the night to be ruined because we have eaten our fill. Be diligent and pace yourself and you’re sure to have a great vacation!


What are your tips on how to eat healthy on a cruise vacation? Share with me below or tell me at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

Eat Healthy On A Cruise Vacation

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